Is Bullying a Real Problem in Cudahy?

Here are a couple links about the recent suicide at Cudahy High School : Cudahy High School: Suicide and Bullying and the 620TMJ Web article.

Monday was the first I read about this particular suicide, and like most people, I was quite upset reading about it.  My heart goes out a million times to this young girl's family and her friends.

Apparently the girl was being bullied and she didn't know how else to handle the situation. 

Wow.  Now it's three suicides in two years in Cudahy.  Why is this happening?

The feelings I have about this are very mixed.  I don't know what to say and am confused how such events can happen with school programs supposedly in place against bullying.  I know there are programs in Cudahy Schools.   My kids (in elementary school) come home talking about them.  Just recently, at the end of November, our school acknowledged anti-bullying week.  And so far, bullying has not been much of a problem for my kids.

So why is this happening in the high school?  And why the silence?

Of course, I don't know specific details about the recent suicides or the bullying.  I have only talked to parents from my local elemantary school and read the above online new articles, so my knowledge is limited. Perhaps I am writing without having all my facts (I know that's what I am doing).  But being a blogger - here I am - writing about the banter going on among parents now.

Is bullying in Cudahy Schools as serious that the news articles and local gossip says? 

If so, why is this continuing and why aren't the offenders STOPPED. 

People (me being one of them) start to question "isolated events" when these events do not seem very isolated anymore.


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