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Off The Tracks!!!

Autism, Gun Control, Guns, CCW

So I was in an argument (not a debate) with a good friend and he was adamant that the problem we have with mass shootings has more to do with mental health.  At this point I was with him that anyone who can kill has some mental health issues.


However, here his train gets off the tracks!


He went into this dissertation that we have problems because people with Autism and Asperger syndrome have a large disconnect with reality and are babied and coddled to the point that they are not responsible for their actions and don’t face the harsh consequences of the actions.


He then blew up his train and tracks and said we should stop mainstreaming them and just keep them institutionalized since they are prone to violence.


Well, if you take such an extremist look and a one bad apple spoils the bunch approach you are missing what is in front of you – THE TRUTH!!!!


Just as we don’t need to ban guns, we don’t need to lockup people that have mental health issues unless they pose a known threat.  


We don’t need knee jerk reactions!


Oh and on that violence link he made -


No link seen between disorder and planned acts of violence


Link between autism and planned violence discounted by experts




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