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My name is Kristan T. Harris. I have run for political office and have worked a political grass roots campaign for Ron Paul. I was nominated and elected to the GOP platform committee in 2012. I am a huge advocate for liberty and freedom.I am a libertarian at heart. I am also a news junkie and love a good mystery.

Conspiracy Theory to Conspiracy Reality: Drones. The attack on the constitution.

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         I started this blog to educate the common person on unknown facts. This blog is not for the faint of heart but those who would like to educate themselves on what the MSM will rarely report on. 18 months ago I started following the department of homeland security and found out about drones. As i started bringing up the topic to hundreds of local citizens many of them said its conspiracy. It seemed unless they where a veteran or someone who stays up to date on politics I usually ended up being called a conspiracy theorist. Well now its reality. News sources such as Business Insider, USA TODAY, Washington Times and countless other Internet sources report on the government's purchase of 30,000 drones are to patrol American skys and monitor our every move. Thats right. The land of the free and you paid for it with your hard earned tax dollars while being 16 trillion in debt. These subjects are rarely if ever covered by the TV media. This also shows the disconnect between the alternative press media (online news) and the MSM. Media outlets for example CNN and Fox are reporting huge viewer losses when alternative press media ratings are sky rocketing. You have to ask yourself if this is one reason why in college they teach students that the Internet is not a reliable source for news. I have found cross referencing and finding the truth for yourself is much more liberating than relying on media that is influenced by political parties. It also explains the governments ever so desperate attempt to control the Internet and information on it (See CISPA BILL PASSED). I find it interesting that the United States had more videos pulled by Youtube which is owned by Google than any other nation as requested by local police and government agencies.

         The point is these are all civil liberty losses for the American people. Drones come in all shapes and sizes. Usually made to mimic a mosquito or other insects and can even implant RFID chips on unsuspecting citizens. I recently spoke with my father who subscribes to model airplane magazines and suprisingly he was aware of this technology and magazines have been promoting it and it is out there. The question we should be asking is why does our government need 30,000 of them and what are they capable of? The government seems to use terrorists as a boogie man to fund these programs considering your more likely to die of a shark attack than a terrorist attack but you dont see the government hiring lifegaurds at an alarming rate. In the last 10 years not one terrorist was prevented by the TSA or DHS. With these kind of results any private business would be shut down but our government continues to expand these programs. If you ask me these programs should be the first to be cut and are wasteful in spending. Look at the department of homeland security who recently purchased a breath taking 1.5 Billion with a "B" rounds of ammo for department of homeland security while frantically trying to disarm the public of its semi auto guns. Makes you wonder why the department of homeland security needs these bullets when they are not practice rounds and the DHS only police's domestically.Another example that DHS is wasteful they recently purchased 10,000 bullet proof check point booths . I am for saftey but not at the cost of liberty. History has shown us you lose both. Drones also come mounted with cameras which have facial recognition software and can follow you anywhere you go and record your voyage. This data is stored in local FUSION CENTERS as reported by NBC.  Fusion centers are lawless and have no point of accountability and ripe for abuse as reported by Governer Jesse Ventura on a episode of Conspiracy Theory that was banned by the government after the initial air date. I will let you watch and decide why it was banned here.

     You have to ask yourself at what point  do drones follow someone who is in their yard fertalizing their lawn because they purchased extra fertalizer or even worse zoom in on your wife or daughter sun bathing?  This is all part of the patriot act in which the government on record has been recording every telephone conversation and freely monitors trends even non terrorist activity. If thats not bad enough street lights, busses and local security camera networks record all this data and use it to predict your trends.  The program is called Trapwire as reported by Business Insider and even used by local Milwaukee police. I spoke with a local officer who confirmed that these cameras are already in use. Local police use video and audio on street lights, busses, toll boths and many other cameras to stop crime or use the data as evidence of local trouble makers. I understand all technology can be used for good but whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? These are all violations of our constitutional rights. Where is the accountability from the people?  I have never known the government to make or use an item or law that it has not abused. So if they are making drones weapon ready well I'll let you you decide what history tells you.

   With Congress at a 9% approval rating i cant imagine local people supporting this bill. However it passed. As long as people watch TV and have their daily soap opera's such as NFL football and reality TV our liberties will continue to be stolen. I suggest you throw your TV away as we no longer have the liberty to watch because our rights are being sold to the highest bidder. Whatever happened to privacy? What is the difference between a mosquito drone perched on your window and a warrantless search?  Remember the neighbor building a fence for privacy in your local neighborhood? Now you need to build a dome to have privacy and even then one of these little buggers could be listening in on your conversation. I want to make clear i believe there are plenty of good people in politics. I  am not anti government however I am for small goverment. If the people are in charge of the government why is it we ask permission from them and not them from us? In my opinion the definition of freedom is how little the government is involved in your life. Bigger government equals less freedom as where smaller government equals more freedom think about it. Benjamin Franklin said it best. "To give up liberty for saftey is to lose both."


Give me liberty. Give me freedom. Your local Libertarian.

Kristan T. Harris


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