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Utah Teachers and Guns

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More than 150 Utah teachers, school workers go to gun class


Utah school employees who came to the free session say a gun would help them feel safer.


More than 150 Utah teachers and school workers took time off from their winter breaks Thursday to attend a free class on how to carry concealed weapons and respond to mass violence such as the recent shooting in a Connecticut elementary school.


It’s a course that’s been offered to Utah educators for more than a decade, but Thursday it attracted about 10 times as many people as usual, said Clark Aposhian, an instructor with Fairwarning Training and a chairman of the Utah Shooting Sports Council, which hosted the class with OPSGEAR.  Aposhian said organizers had to turn away about 40 or 50 people for lack of space.


We want to give school employees one more option to protect themselves and their students," Aposhian said of the class, which went over the basics of how to respond to an attack, carrying concealed weapons and applying for concealed weapon permits.


"You’re never going to get all the mentally and criminally insane people off the streets, and you’re never going to be able to disarm all the criminals, so logically what do you do?"


Utah is one of two states that already allows concealed weapons permit holders to carry firearms on school grounds.  The other state is Kansas.


Teachers weren’t the only ones to take advantage of the free class Thursday.  Administrators, bus drivers, secretaries and others were also among those taking notes.


"If anything were to happen, I’ve got a large responsibility," said Scott Huntington, a custodian at Shelley Elementary in American Fork.  "I don’t have just a single classroom.  I’ve got the whole school to think about."


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