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So Again Cudahy Loses Another Business - Dunham's Sports at Packard Plaza

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Thank you Dan Vnuk for letting people know about this!


This is so sad and becoming such a common event.  Cudahy losing businesses is at epidemic proportions and needs to be stopped!


If you hear a loud banging noise coming from the south side, it’s me, hitting my head.  Sooooo frustrated with the lack of care on the anemic development Cudahy has!


We need ACTION and we need it NOW.  Where are our elected officials and city development on this?


We need Mayor Day to call a special meeting and explain what is being done to turn the tide on this problem.


Mayor Day, you need to get Brian Biernat off of the part time job of building inspector which I am told has become his primary focus and have him focus his energy on development!


Mr. Biernat’s LinkedIn resume states this:  Vigorously pursue private investment interest in development and redevelopment opportunities” and we should be seeing something happen.


I also blame the Common Council for not pushing for more answers, transparency, and holding people accountable for a lack of development.  I also blame them for believing the vapor development Mayor Day sells them.  


What a hell of a pandemonium this situation is heading as who will be left in the Packard Plaza?


Do you like empty buildings?  Just what image does that show people?


When it comes to keeping and luring businesses and economic development to Cudahy we are a rudderless ship with no Capitan, no First hand, and NO vision seeing any real development in sight.


I am sick of hearing from elected officials and city development that in this economy no one is seeing anything happen.  THAT IS A LIE and THAT IS NOT ACCEPABLE!


I am sure I will get a commenter to say, “What could the city do?”


Let me point out, your excuse is part of the problem!


When I am Alderman, I will be requesting answers from the Mayor, CDA and our Economic Development personnel.  My constituents deserve to know and so does the taxpayers.


WE are at DEFCON 1 and WE need Mayor Day to act and tell us what he is doing about this problem.


WE are besieged with questions about what is being done about the poor performance and lack of development in Cudahy and WE demand answers NOW!


WE need a change at top, Mayor Day has to go.  Giving the reigns back to him, or his consortium, would be bad business for Cudahy as his inaction has done nothing but harm the City of Cudahy and its tax base.


I know this is all harsh, but the truth is!


The only people who are mad at you for speaking the truth are those people who are living a lie or keeping a lie alive!

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