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Yes City Officials Play a Big Role in Development Especially the Mayor!

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Mayors are to be the biggest cheerleader for the city.


If it’s in your heart, it shows in your spirit!


Mayor Day as cheerleader for Cudahy is like “rah rah” where Mayors truly wanting to be the cheerleader of their cities are like, “Fly high, do or die, dare to dream, cheer extreme - Loud and Proud - Go, Fight, Win - You know you’re a cheerleader when you have to kick, yell and scream to get what you want!”


Mayors that care about their city demand action on development and get involved in the process, but Mayor Day is using former Mayor McCue as a template that he thinks businesses will seek us out – WRONG!!!


You can easily see where Mayor Day priorities are given he created the commission to look into a Part Time Mayor for Cudahy but where is the commission to look into why and how to get development in Cudahy given our Economic Development Director isn’t getting it done?


Mayor Day could easily create a commission for that purpose, which leads me to think development isn’t an issue he cares about!


Everyone repeat after me: “all real estate is local”.


Below are current Franklin and Oak Creek officials talking about development in their cities and below that are older posts about Greendale’s Mayor Involvement in yes a much larger mall, but a mall nonetheless!


Mayor Day is more like Mayor in the dark of the night!


Talking with developers they say Cudahy is dysfunctional when it comes to development and the Cudahy Chamber of Commerce, CDA, Plan Commission, Common Council, Economic Development Department, and Mayor are not on the same page or even looking in the same direction and that is the fault of Mayor Day and you can sit in denial all you want but that is the truth!




[Franklin Mayor] Taylor listed ongoing progress at the Rock Sports Complex on the city's northern edge as the biggest project in 2013 in Franklin.  The redevelopment of the former Crystal Ridge ski hill is a joint venture involving the city, Milwaukee County and owner Mike Zimmermann.  Rock will include football fields, mountain bike trails and restaurants.


The mayor described the Crystal Ridge site as an eyesore and said he is excited about the new development.


"It's going to move from an old landfill to something really spectacular," Taylor said.  "You wouldn't believe what's going on there."


Perhaps the highlight will be eight baseball fields with synthetic playing surfaces.  Some of the fields will be designed to resemble such Major League facilities as Miller Park and Boston's Fenway Park.


Also in southwest Franklin, Taylor said, "We're still working with Meijer.”  The Michigan-based retailer is negotiating necessary permits with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, but the mayor voiced confidence the store slated for the intersection of Loomis and St. Martins roads "could be a sparkplug for redevelopment of that entire area."


Oak Creek


Finally, Scaffidi said Oak Creek is "going to aggressively go after new business.  We're talking everything: commercial, industry, warehousing, offices."


The mayor said the city has commitments from two new businesses to move into Oak Creek, with announcements coming in January or early February.  He said one is relocating from outside Wisconsin, the other is from Milwaukee.


"We have a strong council and a great staff, and look forward to a great 2013," Scaffidi said.



Greendale wants a say in Southridge's future

Village has a stake in mall's future, officials say


Greendale officials want to influence the changes in store for Southridge Mall - the village's biggest taxpayer - as it comes under new ownership.


The village is seeking proposals from two planning firms - HNTB Corp. and R.A. Smith and Associates Inc. - to develop its own vision for the mall's future, Village Manager Joseph Murray said.


Conversations have focused on whether the 110-acre complex, the largest shopping mall in the state, could support mixed-use development, whether housing could be part of that mix, and costs associated with various redevelopment plans, Village President John Hermes said. Talks have been in progress for several months.


"I want to get ahead of this more than we have in the past," Hermes said. "Southridge is an important economic issue, not only for Greendale, but for the entire region."


Greenfield, Franklin, Hales Corners Officials Talk About Southridge


The two city mayors and village president talk about the impact Southridge development has on their communities.



Hales Corners president Robert Ruesch, Greenfield Mayor Michael Neitzke and Franklin Mayor Thomas Taylor played a role in negotiations with Macy's and Southridge Mall, said Greendale President John Hermes.


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