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One of Cudahy's Problems

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The Cudahy Wal-Mart battle showed exactly why Cudahy is/has been on a downslope – NIMBY


Not In My Back Yard people!!!!


NIMBY or Nimby (an acronym for the phrase "not in my back yard") is a pejorative characterization of opposition by residents to a proposal for a new development because it is close to them, often with the connotation that such residents believe that the developments are needed in society but should be further away.  Opposing residents themselves are sometimes called Nimbies.


Projects likely to be opposed include but are not limited to tall buildings, chemical plants, industrial parks, military bases, wind turbines, desalination plants, landfills, incinerators, power plants, prisons,[1] mobile telephone network masts, schools, kindergartens, nuclear waste dumps, youth hostels, wind farms, golf courses, sports stadiums, housing developments, and especially transportation improvement schemes (e.g. new roads, bridges, passenger and freight railways, highways, airports, seaports).


We had people in the Planning Commission, CDA, Common Council and Mayor that don’t like fast food, don’t like trucks, don’t like cars, don’t like big box, don’t like retail, don’t like traffic, don’t like, don’t like, don’t like!!!!


These people don’t have a clue who or what Cudahy is and instead feel they can make Cudahy into something it is not in order to fulfill some personal Utopia they have in their head.


They forget the good old days in Cudahy when Packard Ave had many fast food places, retail, and other shops and with it traffic.  Traffic is needed to make sure stores are profitable. cudahymom01 doesn’t really understand how it all fits together so I will do a Retail 101 class/post for her to explain it in detail including how as Packard Plaza Mall empties the remaining stores have less and less traffic thus doesn’t make as much money.  She also is clueless as to how and what the Mayor can and should do to help fill those vacancies (yes that is part of the Mayor and his team’s JOB).


Taking a trip down memory lane, Cudahy had a Taco Bell on Ramsey and Packard, an Arthur Treacher's Fish & Chips, McDonalds, Ponderosa, IHOP, KFC, A&P, JC Penney Outlet at Packard Plaza and Cudahy News and Hobby (which left because the rent was too much and the city inspectors bothering them – Jay the owner is a family friend).


These NIMBY people hate businesses and they claim they like the Mom and Pop businesses but if that was true they would have listened to the likes of R & R Sports – Fishing Hole who wanted Wal-Mart to come in and help drive traffic up and drive up his traffic thus making him more money, but they know better!  These are the SMART people who dream think IKEA will just materialize in Cudahy as save the day.  They don’t care that IKEA doesn’t want to come to Cudahy as it doesn’t meet their demographics, they wish think it will happen so it will and we can wait until it does.  Who cares as the other retail leaves Cudahy, their Utopia is happen just give it more time.


Former Mayor Ryan McCue was one of these and championed the saying, “We can do better!” and it got us nothing.  He also told us St. Francis and South Milwaukee don’t want Wal-Mart.


The bottom line is office people want fast food close by and if we don’t have it, those offices will be vacant longer than those that do.  Manufacturing places also tout fast food for their employees as a plus just as they do grocery stores and other big box stores.


The NIMBY people that former Mayor Ryan McCue handpicked for the 2020 Comprehensive Master Plan hated retail and fast food and since then Cudahy’s conditions have changed, but has anyone from the City addresses these changes?  – NO!

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