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I am an Ultra-Conservative, Alpha-Male, True Authentic Leader, Type "C" Personality, who is very active in my community; whether it is donating time, clothes or money for Project Concern or going to Common Council meetings and voicing my opinions. As a blogger, I intend to provide a different viewpoint "The way I see it!" on various world, national and local issues with a few helpful tips & tidbits sprinkled in.

Election Questions From a Reader

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Hi, Randy -


Question 1)

Government, be it local, state, or federal, does little more than add more legislation.  Is there anything in the municipal code that you would consider attempting to repeal?


Answer 1)

There are no municipal codes I would push to remove as it isn’t about me nor is it about my agenda; I am just the voice for and of the people.  If there are ones my constituents want me to fight for I will gladly do that.  One of those has already been asked of me which you point out in question 4 and that is about changing the summer parking.  For far too long this post/position has been about the person itself, the “who”, instead of the what!  When “who” matters more than the “what” we have a problem.  I would be a public servant, the conduit for the people to act in the manner they want.  Even there I understand we live in a Republic and not a true democracy and some people will not agree or be at odds with each other.


I know you don’t ask but it plays into that I am a public servant and just the voice of my constituents; I do have a vision of what I would like to see to fix flaws we have.  As far as a vision, just a few things I would like to see are the aldermanic districts staggered.  We could end up with all rookies who would all be learning the ropes at the same time and that can lead to less effective government.


I would like to see term limits (3) placed in as a way to make sure new blood is introduced and to make sure one or two people don’t have too much influence over the others.


I would like to see the Common Council and School Board meetings televised.  I know we have a big disconnect of getting information to people and that people have to be engaged and informed, the way we have been doing it by just telling people to show up at the meetings isn’t working and is just a copout.  We need to try other ways of doing things since the current way isn’t working which is why I will use my blog, email, or phone calls to get out what was done or said at the meeting.  I know for some reason this scares Mayor Day just as it scared former Mayor McCue.  Both of them have been telling people I MUST get rid of my blog if I become Alderman and that just isn’t true.  I could have been on the CDA and other commissions during Mayor McCue’s time as long as I would get rid of the blog.  They seem to fear informed people which raises red flags to me, doesn’t it you?


Local government needs to adapt the SWOT Analysis approach - is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a business.  The government can learn a great deal from the private sector and getting back to being governed by the common people - “Government of the people, by the people, for the people” and not being governed by politicians whose job is to just get elected and reelected time after time and push their agenda and forget to be a voice for and of the people. 


With me as a selection, I want to remind everyone that the American political system was set up by our founders to be run by ordinary citizens who aren't necessarily professional politicians.


I believe that being informed on what's going on in the city and the neighborhood keeps a lot of misinformation and rumors at bay.


Elected officials routinely are judged based on the extent to which their campaign promises meet the expectations of action on the campaign promises and my promise is to improve communication to the people and push for development in Cudahy!  I will let them know what is going on and have them guide me.



Question 2)

You have posted on your blog at least once about fluoride in the water.  Would you support a city referendum to end fluoridating the water?


Answer 2)

Yes!  I am a big fan of referendums, binding referendums, let the people speak and choose the path we take.  I have read many of the studies that state we should at least reduce the amount of fluoride if not take it out altogether.  I know many cities across our nation are doing that exact thing and I think the voters of Cudahy can and should help make the decision/path we take on it.  I would like to be appointed/assigned to the Health Department committee if elected.



Question 3)

While we're on the topic of water...I'm a numbers person.  I'm an analyst by nature, and profession, so I keep track of things.  Since November 2005, my annual water usage has dropped 35%, but my cost has RISEN 18%.  I keep a detailed spreadsheet of this.  (I will send you my spreadsheet if you want it.)  I understand that part of it is the MMSD unknown charge, but what I don't understand is why fixed costs (i.e. water meters) keep increasing.  I have lived in my house since 1999 and I have never needed a new water meter.  Why has my meter cost increased from $12.36 to $18.40?  From what I understand it's read remotely.  Why is there a cost increase?  


Answer 3)

I have pointed out of governmental price control, quasi-government organizations, or quangos (QUAsi Non-Governmental Organization) like the MMSD or even Wisconsin Energy that has the PSC approve increases we have a problem.  The normal free market forces doesn’t work – supply and demand – I have blogged about this in the past.  As we the consumer conserve, the company makes less money and because they are a hybrid government company they simple past that onto people.  As with MMSD when they cleaned out the deep tunnel, they were allowed to pass those costs to the people so even as the water consumption may lower the cost for water, itself goes up.  I have often said I don’t like unelected taxing boards like MATC and MMSD as “WE” the people have very little recourse and no one to hold accountable.  These types of places are monopolies but since they are approved by the government they are okay.  I was told I could not use well water even though I have a natural spring that runs below my house.


As people replace light bulbs with energy saving ones and reducing their consumption, Wisconsin Electric just goes to the PSC and tells them they need to raise rates because they are losing money the PSC allows it.  Consumers can never win when the government has a hand in things and the free market is circumvented.



Question 4)

You have posted on your blog regarding the parking regs.  Would you propose any reduction to the monthly street parking fee?  Would you consider raising the number of days a non-resident vehicle could park on the street without paying?  I say this with the understanding that Mark Otto said to me the 8-day limit was an enforcement issue.  I understand that.  My concern is that my family does not have "traditional" weekends so when we have days off during the week, my mom comes to stay with us.  My concern is that she would be targeted for a ticket because she's been here more than 8 days in a calendar year.  I understand why the council wants to "do something" but I absolutely resent kindergarten legislation. 


Answer 4)

As far as reducing fees, we cannot just do and do it to just do it, even if we want to.  FEES are taxes which is the revenue the city uses to pay its bills, to be able to reduce FEES thus taxes we need to reduce the size of our local government and reduce its bills.  I was very vocal when the DPW/Engineering Department increased the amount of management/assistants and reduced the amount of workers.  I have stated I would like to see the city make it so new department heads, if they didn’t live in Cudahy, get paid less as they have less skin in the game, so to speak.  We need to reduce the cities costs and then we can get rid of the FEES.  Remember (I blogged on this) that Wisconsin’s Sales Tax was started as voluntary and then became without the voters saying so mandatory.  The Stadium Sales Tax had a sunset date and that has changed and I have said it will go on as a Sports Tax and people will push for the money to go to build a new Bucks home.


As far as the 8-day limit I could see a 14-day limit with the restriction it is allowed every other month or selling at a discount a temporary parking permit.  It wouldn’t be that hard to track these things but it will cost money as anything the government does, does cost the taxpayers’ money.  We can have it on the website where you put in the license plate number and it knows how many days and how often or if you are over days.  The police could get a report of who is on the list very easily.  When I would visit my wife at the Whitewater dorms I could only stay over for so many days as they didn’t want me to be taking up residency there and game the system of not having to pay for a permit.  It is a balancing act and it has to be fair on both ends, but in the world we live in many times one bad apple does spoil the bunch and people, when given an inch, take a foot.


We end up getting all of these rules and kindergarten legislation because of the exemptions and non-traditional uses of things and your case is an example and I understand that one size doesn’t fit all.  That approach of one size fits all hardly ever works but we cannot take each one on a case by case ruling and must have rules that are overall fair and I know someone will not be happy.  It is the truth and that is why we have the saying you can make some people happy but it is impossible to make everyone/all happy all the time.  Someone will walk away unhappy and life is unfair and that is life like it or not.  Not all things are the same or fair and that is just the way things have been and will always be.  I don't regret my instincts or emotions.  It's my character and my honest personality.  Sometimes it comes in smiles and sometimes it comes in frowns.




EDIT – this comment is from the reader/author in regard to the comment below:


Cognitive dissonance at its finest.  Of course the AMA and ADA support it.  Interestingly, AMA membership has been steadily declining.  Not really sure what that means.


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