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Cudahy Election Rumors

2013 Election, Cudahy, Rumors

Well folks there are some rumors floating around and as you know I will air them out and see what happens.


Now you can take this as fact or fiction, you can take this as truth or lies but I will classify it as a rumor since it is unconfirmed.  The parties involved read this blog and can clear up any misinformation or lies.  They can email me as well for a correction so remember to treat these as rumors.


In District 2 I am hearing Richard P. Frohna was encouraged to run by Mayor Day in hopes that if he gets in Mr. Frohna might lean towards voting for the Part Time Mayor given Mary Schissel is against it.


In District 5, I am hearing Mike Clark voted for the dump fee....$15 garbage fee and that he did not care about the citizens of Cudahy.  The voting is public record.


Mike Clark's big scam is he wants to double dip his large city pension he receives and small alderman pension he would receive for 5th district Alderman, which most people wouldn't know.  As a retired city worker he can't vote on all the issues as it is a conflict of interest.  Mike Wagner, who also receives a small city pension, took out 1st District Alderman papers but did not turn them in because he found that he could not represent his district 100% because of a conflict of interest. 


Also heard that city hall people are writing Clark's flyer information which is against city rules.  They forget what happened with Gov. Walker's people.  Do you want Clark for your Alderman who is running for the wrong reasons?


I am hearing Mike Clark is going to go negative just before the primary with an attack campaign flyer in hopes to smear the competition.


Well there you have it, those are the rumors floating around, maybe they are true, maybe part of it is true or maybe none of it is.



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