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Franklin's sex predator ordinance has worked to keep Franklin safe

January 16, 2013



Mayor Thomas Taylor

Members of the Common Counsel

Franklin, WI  53132


RE:  Success with Chapter 167 of the Franklin City Code


Dear Elected Officials:


     The following is an up to date accounting of the successful use of City Ordinance 167 which restricts the residency of sex offenders in the City of Franklin.




1.  Steven R. Hanke: Convicted of 2nd Degree Sexual Assault.  On 8-9-07 he was determined to be living at 8219 S. 77th Street. An Injunction petition was filed with circuit court alleging violation of Chapter 167.  On July 24, 2008 Judge Franke rules in favor of city and orders Hanke out of residence by 9-22-08.


2. Daniel C. Niggeling: Convicted of 4th Degree Sexual Coercion (sex w/child 13-15 years of age).  A Detective checking the state sex registry website on 5/30/07 found him listed as living at 3921 W. Leah Ave (Mother’s residence).  On 5/31/07 he was arrested for an outstanding warrant. He was advised of the ordinance at time of arrest and he did not return to the residence.


3. Daniel A. Bell: Convicted of 4th Degree Sexual Conduct & 2nd Degree Sexual Contact with a child under 13.  On 5/30/07 he was found on the state website living at 11428 W. Swiss St.   Through investigation it was found that he was visiting his sister in Kentucky at the time.  He was advised of the ordinance by telephone.  He stated he would not return to Franklin since he only had a month to month lease and would not renew it.  Further investigation confirmed that he did not return.


4. Melvin Rios:  Convicted of Sexual Assault of a Child (1986, pre-registry case).  On 6-8-07 the department received information that he was driving an Ice Cream truck in city.  He was stopped on 6-10-07 at 44th & Forest Hill selling ice cream.  He was advised of the ordinance and of the Child Safety Zones in the city.   On 6-11-07 the department contacted the owner of the ice cream truck business & advised her of the ordinance.  Rios was immediately terminated from employment in Franklin. 


5. Virgil D. Julius:  Convicted of 2nd Degree Sexual Assault.  On 11/15/07 the department was advised by Federal Probation & Parole that Julius was requesting to stay in Franklin for 4 days over the Thanksgiving Holiday.  The department advised the agent that Julius would be violating our ordinance and we would be making a community notification and take steps to enforce the ordinance if he came.  On 11-20-07 the agent notified the department that Julius would not be coming to city.


6.  Jon G Kamin: Convicted of 2nd Degree Sexual Assault.  On 11/21/07 he was found on the state website as residing at 10526 W. Cortez Circle #28.  He had moved in October 1, 2007 and had not notified the state registry within the 10 day required time period.  The department advised him of the ordinance and the City Attorney sent him a letter.  A copy of the letter was also given to the apartment manager.  The manager and Kamin were advised we would notify the neighborhood and initiate enforcement of the ordinance if Kamin didn’t move out as soon as possible.  The manager released Kamin from his lease and he moved out.


7. Bake B. Baker:  Convicted of 1st Degree Sexual Assault of a Child.  He came to the department to report that he was residing at 3623 W. College #16.  He was advised of the ordinance prohibiting him from living there and he vacated the residence on 12-05-07.




8.  Christine J. Hickman:  Convicted of Transporting Individuals for Purpose of Prostitution.  She was found on the state website on or about 2-21-08 residing at 2841 W. Rawson.  After several attempts she was contacted and advised of the ordinance and the need to move.  On 3-9-08 it was confirmed that she moved to the city of Milwaukee.




9.  Darren L. Logue:  Convicted of 2nd Degree Sexual Assault of a Child.  After a thorough investigation it was determined that Logue was living at 7855 S. Scepter Dr. #8 (girlfriends apartment), and had not notified the state sex registry of his change of address.  He was advised of the ordinance and the City Attorney sent a warning letter.  On 1-12-09 officers arrested and charged Logue with a felony for failure to notify the state of his address change.  Louge’s girlfriend has given a 30 day notice to move to her apartment manager. 


10. Unidentified Offender:  1-21-09 the manager of the apartment complexes in the 7800 block of S. Scepter Drive advised the department of a sex offender attempting to rent an apartment from her.  The ordinance was explained to the manager who subsequently refused rental to offender.


11.  (Subject not named due to status offense):  Found delinquent of 2nd Degree Sexual Assault of a Child. On 1-23-09 he made inquires to the City Attorney’s office and police department as to his ability to move into the Prairie Grass Subdivision.  He was advised that because of his status and the location of the property, he would not be eligible to reside there. 




12.  William Jetty: Convicted of 3rd Degree Sexual Assault.  Received information on 1-4-2010 that Jetty was staying with a girlfriend in the 6800 block of W. Kathleen Court.  A letter was served directing him to move.  Confirmed that he moved out of the city on 1-13-2010.


13.  Michael L. Rueter:  Convicted of Sexual Assault.  Moved into a relative’s residence in the 7800 block of S. 76th Street in early January 2010.  Served with a copy of ordinance and directed to move.  Move on 1-13-2010.


14.  Brad A. Evenson: Convicted of 2nd Degree Sexual Assault of a Child.  3-23-10 received inquiry from someone planning to purchase a side by side condo in Prairie Grass Preserve and stated intent was for Evenson to live in one of the units.  Inquired because knew Franklin had an ordinance.  Was advised that the property was within the restricted area.  State she would not pursue the purchase.


15. James A. Farrell:  Convicted of 1st Degree Sexual Assault of a Child.  On 8-25-10 during a neighbor trouble investigation, it was discovered Farrell was living with a girlfriend in the 6400 block of S. 35th Street.  After reporting this fact to his probation officer and presenting him with a copy of the city’s ordinance, he agreed to stop residing in Franklin.


16.  Anquion M. Oliver Convicted of  2nd Degree Sexual Assault.  After found to be residing in the 10500 block of W. Cortez Circle was ordered to leave on November 16, 2010.  




17.  Christopher Jones:  Convicted of 1st Degree Sexual Assault.  On Friday, June 3, 2011 Jones left a Voice Mail with the police department stating  he was intending to move into the Whitnall Pointe Apartments, 10500 Cortez Circle.  A Detective met with Mr. Jones on Monday, June 6th and advised him of the city’s residency ordinance and advised him he was not allowed to live where he intended.  Jones subsequently notified the department that he would be seeking a residence in another community.


18.  Dirk R. Krause:  Convicted of 1st Degree Sexual Assault.  On September 26, 2011 learned Krause was living at 7804 W. Elm Court.  Served him with notice to move on 9-27-11.  Moved out 10-12-11.




19.  Michael K Reuter:  Convicted of Sexual Assault, made a second attempt to move into the city in the 7800 block of S. 76th St with a relative and was prevented from doing so on 2-23-12.


20.  Michael A. Allen:  Convicted of 2nd Degree Sexual Assault of a Child, was found staying at a motel on S. 27th St.  He was arrested on warrants and removed from the motel on 4-16-12.


21.  Daniel J. Emer:  Convicted of 3rd Degree Sexual Assault.  On May 11, 2012 learned Emer was living at 8221 W. Imperial Drive.  Served a notice to move on 5-12-12.  Moved out 5-15-12. 


22.  Mark Davis:  Convicted of Using Photographic Equipment to Secretly Peep.  On or about May 10th, 2012 learned Davis may be staying with mother at 9502 W. Loomis Rd #133 (later confirmed).  Ordered out and moved on or about May 15th.


23. Randall C. Lindberg: Convicted of Forced Viewing of Sexual Activity, attempted to move into the city in September but was prevented by notifying him of the City’s ordinance.


24.  Gregory Allen Davis (Brother of Mark Davis):  Convicted of Sexual Assault.  Notified November 1, 2012 he was intending to stay with his mother at 9501 W. Loomis Rd.  Advised cannot do so per ordinance.  Moved into another city.







Richard P. Oliva

Chief of Police  


Sex Offenders: Success with Chapter 167

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