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An Open Letter to the Soon to Be Elected Cudahy Mayor

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Dear soon to be elected Mayor,


Economic development in Cudahy is sorely lacking, misguided and mismanaged!  The thumb of Cudahy government has kept the Citizens of Cudahy pushed down and in the dark with information released when it solely suited them!


Once elected as the 3rd District Alderman of Cudahy, I will be requesting a weekly summary of what the Cudahy Economic Development Director Brian Biernat has done for the week including an hourly breakdown of his days.  Shouldn’t take more than 5-10 mins/week…after all, it should just be a cut/paste from an organizer (Outlook, OneNote…) into an email.


I will be sharing this public information with the residents, my Constituents, and the Taxpayers of Cudahy, the real people in charge!  WE need to know what you are spending our tax dollars on and making sure WE are getting out our monies worth.


Please feel free to include what development work and communication you, yourself have accomplished during the week as there is going to be much more answerability to the lack of development and the time and effort to fix and change that!


The Citizens of Cudahy need and deserve to hold those parties, you, and the Economic Development Director, responsible and accountable for economic development in Cudahy and without an idea of what is being done or NOT being done, they have been unable to do so.


If you force me to do an Open Records Request each week, I will!  I am hoping that you just supply this information openly in a weekly email to all of the Alderpersons so they can get this information to the public.  If you make me go the Open Records Request route it will show the Citizens of Cudahy that openness, honesty, and transparency doesn’t exist in Cudahy.


If the information is too vague I will be insisting on details.  WE need to know what WE are spending our hard earned dollars on and that the money is properly being allocated and correctly used.


The status quo, the way it has been normally going, is NOT going to fly!!!


The taxpayers of the City of Cudahy are the ones in charge now and things are going to be done differently.  WE deserve to know and deserve better and WE will be getting that!


WE are not going to allow you to fail us anymore!


WE are not going to allow lip-service and vapor development stories meant to pacify us!


WE are going to require action and results!


I need to report to the real and true people in charge, the taxpayers, what you are doing with their money!


I respect the office of Mayor, now it is your turn to respect the Citizens of Cudahy, the real people in charge!



Randy Hollenbeck Candidate for Cudahy District 3 Alderman

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