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Jennifer is a one in a million stay-at-home mom. (More like one OF a million stay at home moms!) She graduated from a liberal arts college but there is nothing liberal OR artsy about her. She is married to Kevin Fischer of This Just In, and together they have a beautiful young daughter Kyla Audrey. In no particular order she loves dogs, wine, a good bargain, her family, pizza, and entertaining. Follow her blog of all things miscellaneous including but not limited to cooking and baking, entertaining and party planning, being a mommy, and homekeeping.

How long could YOUR husband handle labor pains?


I had the best pregnancy and delivery of anyone I know.  I felt great except for a few minor discomforts along the way.  My labor & delivery process was, dare I say, simple.  (Well, except for when they nearly blew out a vein with a misplaced I.V. but I digress.)


Kevin had me and the delivery team laughing the entire time.  He wasn’t nervous, just unbelievably excited.  I really think I might be the only woman who can say the entire time was fun.


Admittedly I have a low pain threshold.  It could be because I’ve never really had to deal with much pain in my life.  It could be because I’m a wimp.  Either way I’m OK with the fact and do nothing to hide it.  I told my nurses that I was planning on getting an epidural and wanted them to be aware of it ASAP.


When the time came, I have never experienced such immediate, incredible and effective pain relief in my life.  I will always remember that doctor fondly.  He was, at that point, a savior.


So… the fabulous physician knew he was providing needed and welcome assistance.  However, being of the male persuasion, he truly didn’t understand the full extent of his help.  He had never and would never experience the rewarding but nonetheless excruciating labor process.  Neither would Kevin.  Or any man for that matter.


Until now.


Two brave (or crazy?) male souls allowed themselves to be hooked up to machines that simulated labor pains.  I must admit that watching the video, an evil laugh escaped my lips watching them try to breathe through the “contractions.”  Science had now confirmed what generations of women have said:  “If men had to give birth our species would have died out long ago.”





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