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My name is Kristan T. Harris. I have run for political office and have worked a political grass roots campaign for Ron Paul. I was nominated and elected to the GOP platform committee in 2012. I am a huge advocate for liberty and freedom.I am a libertarian at heart. I am also a news junkie and love a good mystery.

Police Fine Three Year Old $2,500 for Urinating In Families Own Front Yard In Oklahoma

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A hefty fine for such a wee pee. A 3-year-old boy got his mother a $2,500 ticket in Oklahoma for going pee-pee in his own front yard. "I said really, he is 3 years old, and (the officer) said it doesn't matter – it’s public urination,” grandmother Jennifer Warden said.

For those who don't think comm unitarianism is not here and now from bill U.N. Agenda 21 look no further than this recent ticket. A 3 year old urinated in his own front yard. The family police is here and they know whats best for you. In fact I can not think of 1 thing in the last 30 years the government has handled with over whelming approval by the people.  So now they can take our guns and health care. You can read more on U.N. Agenda 21 on my past blog here.

So does anyone else think that the fine was a little stiff? Just because you don't agree with something does not mean you have a right to make a law about it. We as Americans have the right to complain about it but its peoples own choice what they do with their property. For that they could of put an out doors Kohler gold plated toilet in their yard. Nothing against Kohler they make great thrones out of Wisconsin. Onward.

So even though the the child was 3 and nature called it was worth a $2,500 dollar ticket. I wonder if this officer has children. If he does I am curious on if anyone is seeing who is peeing in his yard.

Amazingly enough the New York Daily news reports a distressed grandmothers concern.

"I said really, he is 3 years old, and (the officer) said it doesn't
matter – it’s public urination,” grandmother Jennifer Warden said. Talk
about a big-ticket bathroom break! An Oklahoma mom got fined thousands of dollars when her 3-year-old son pulled down his pants to urinate on the family’s property. The potty-training toddler’s effort to not wet himself earned his mother a $2,500 ticket, the family said.

"Dillan pulled down his pants to pee outside, I guess, and the cop pulled up
and asked for my license and told me he was going to give me a ticket
for public urination," Ashley Warden, the boy’s mother told CBS Oklahoma City affiliate News 9.

At what point does the government become the parents for our children considering they cant even balance a budget. The family ended up taking the ticket to court and winning in December. You now can not collect rain water in 17 American States, need a permit for a garden and cant buy Raw Milk. But cigarettes, bews, GMO's, fluoride, flu vaccines, and Hi-Fructose corn syrup are "A Oh Kay" . They will even give it to you for free or a discounted rate.


For liberty, For Freedom

Kristan T. Harris


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