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Oh Look Here Is Some Development In Cudahy - Well Maybe!

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So another “Condo” project is being proposed for Cudahy.  This must be some of the Earth shattering Kaboom development we were promised!


Developer proposes 78 condo units in Cudahy



As one reader emails me this

“This makes little sense... When are we going to be in the news for bringing in new business and NOT Condos!”


Another reader has this to say:

“Randy,  this just made it past Planning (only) Committee on Jan 8th.....doesn't really mean it will be built, ie: Iceport, Library Square Apts. where financing was said to be ok, but wasn't and  not vetted by City (I was as that meeting with lots of regrets and apathy around the cttee and Biernat saying they have no one to vet prospective businesses and then they fall through at last minute after all the announcements and premature excitement - duh, you think the Planning Committee would know how to prioritize how to bring business to Cudahy - NOT!)  NOW the grand announcement (from the Mayor? or Developer) in the JS today!)”


And they are correct.  How many of these plans don’t cut the mustard and pan out?


I am just waiting for the announcement that another Payday loan type store or Convert your Gold to Cash store wants to move to Cudahy.  Oh wait, a liquor store!  How about another used car lot, or even another bar to open in Cudahy?  I fear that both Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft and Get It Now would be the next businesses to pull out of Packard Plaza. 


Shouldn’t be long given the traffic to the Packard Plaza Mall is down.  Maybe people will falsely blame the South Milwaukee Wal-Mart, the lake to the east of us (how does the North shore communities make it work) or I guess people just don’t like Fabric/crafts or Appliance/Home furnishing in Cudahy.


Many people when confronted with facts like to be an ostrich and stick their head in the sand.  You know denial is not a river in Egypt.


What if what a reader tells us is true?


“If not our elected officials, or the Community Development Coordinator who was placed in that position by the elected officials, then who do we blame.  There is much speculation going on as to why the businesses at Packard Plaza are disappearing.  The one reason that I have been told by most of the store owners is that the current owner of the land wants to have it property rezoned for manufacturing so he can sell it.  The way that he has chosen to remove long standing, well established, successful businesses is to raise the rents beyond reach of these businesses or simply to not extend the leases.  Yes, there haved been some new, short term tenants, but the long term businesses are mostly gone or are leaving.  It is truly a shame for our community, with its overwhelming possibilities for business expansion, to have none going on.  Yes, expansion!  We have several pieces of property open, and empty.  Land going fallow and wasted.  We have access to the railroad, the airport and express ways for shipping.  We have an abundant fresh water source.  We have business in the past who were interested in coming here, except for the near sightness of the then elected officials who kept saying that they weren't good enough businesses.  We would have had expension and jobs and more stores and businesses not less.  We need new leadership, and guidance.  We need a rock solid leader who cares deeply about our city.  We need to elect officials who are not in this for the self gratification or the what's in it for me attitude.  One who, when he was mayor looked out for the residents, listened to them and acted on their behalf.  One who worked tirelessly to do the right thing for our community, and will again if he is elected.  We need to get out and vote to make the changes happen, only we can do this.  We need to have someone back at City Hall who workes for us.  That man is John Hohenfeldt.  If you want to see action on businesses and development here in our city, then get out and vote.”


On a slightly different note, does anyone know who For Rent and For Lease are and what election they are running in?  I see so many of their signs across the city and just cannot find them on the ballot listings.


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