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Let's Talk Spelling and Grammar!

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I'm the first here to admit that I've made mistakes, and it's been incumbent on me to take responsibility to shoulder that burden, make the necessary changes, and move on.


So most of you saw the one commenter take me to the carpet because I had a typo.  Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, thank you for pointing out the typo in your own unique and gracious fashion.  Yes folks I typed “the” instead of “they”! 


OMG the sky is falling!


Move the Doomsday clock forward two seconds!!


Strike me down!!!


I’ll interpret your quip as a failed rebuttal.


Oh wow.....I just cannot wait to see the awesome super intelligent comments on this post!


Most people (99.9%) would understand the intent and just move on.  I am not a professional writer.  I am a blogger doing this for free during my time.  You might say to yourself, why do they bring it up then?  Well, when you cannot debate the issues or find fault with what is said, you nitpick mostly to make yourself feel good about yourself.  See detractors who cannot standup to the issues get frustrated and then lash out.  There will always be a few people crawling out of the woodwork with gripes. 


All these self-righteous perfect souls without blemish or weakness.  How lucky we are that they contribute to this blog.  Holy cow...  The glow from your halo is blinding!


Don’t be like that to me because of you.


"Be who you are and say what you feel because people who mind don't matter and people who matter don't mind."  -Dr. Seuss


My campaign stuff does get proofread by a bunch of people and I am sure it slips by.  Mistake that is, one of the things that makes us human.  Just think about mistakes that make it in to textbooks or pass professional proofreaders.  Hey we are all human and if I lose the election because I had a spelling mistake or grammatical error we are a sad sad country and in worse shape than I thought.


Many times as people keep reading the mistake just goes buy.  You get the feeling of what is being said and might be able too over look the mistake and in your mind and subconsciously fix it.  Just hear I know the wrong buy/by was used, the wrong too/to was used, over look/overlook and hear/here was used!  Mainly those looking for faults will care, a mistake is a mistake, a typo is a typo.  To be human is to make mistakes.  Oh wait I had a grammatical error there it should have said and a typo and I forgot the comma after wait in this sentence. 


Holy Cow Batman!  I should be burned with a stake and than flogged. 


Did you see the than/then was wrong, they did and it mattered to them.  Right now their blood pressure rose, the vain on their head is bulging and pulsating.  They are shouting at the computer screen and foaming at the mouth.  They are nearing explosive pressures by now and soon will stop reading and have to comment as they must get it out.  But Randy, Randy it is “Burned at the stake” not with a stake! 


Then there are the words that are spelled correctly but either by autocorrect or by accident makes their way into the sentence and most of us just keep reading alone as if no mistake was done.  Did you catch that alone instead of along?  I am sure the spelling, grammar and typing police did!  Nothing gets by them unless they make it and then it is okay!  They are the do as I say not as I do people.  I am sure some of them are supporters of my opponent hoping to get a cheap shot in and make me appear to not know what I am doing!


When I took my Creative Writing 304 class my professor said, “All the rules of spelling and grammar can be broken if by mistake or if on purpose.  Run ones and fragments are how we speak and think and the culture of today is different of the culture of yesteryear!”


I am sure many of you have seen this:


If you can read this you have a strong mind:

TH15 M3554G3

53RV35 TO PR0V3 H0W 0UR M1ND5 C4N D0 4M4Z1NG TH1NG5!  1MPR3551V3 TH1NG5!  1N TH3



C4N R3AD TH15.  R3 P05T 1F U C4N


This message

Serves to prove how our minds can do amazing things!  Impressive things!  In the beginning it was hard but now, on this line your mind is reading it automatically without even thinking about it, be proud!  Only certain people can read this.  Re post if you can.


No I don’t mind people pointing out the errors so I can correct them.  I don’t mind people critiquing and criticizing what I type.  It all depends on their intent and if it comes as constructive, instructive, or destructive manor.  Opps, I used the wrong manner!  Oops had a misspelled word.


Since I write on a blog and on a website I use double spaces between sentences, as I was instructed in school, that it is easier to read and it is, but not everyone uses that grammar rule just like the comma after the second from last item in the list of things.


We are taught contractions in Elementary, Middle, and High School and then you get into college and they tell you to stop using them.  You are told NOT to use them at work or in anything legal.


You know when the spelling and grammar police come out, the message was/is good, and you hit a nerve.  I love the fact that many of these people when commenting or emailing back make all types of mistakes themselves in attempting to prove a point.  When all they have shown is what a hypocrite they are, what there (there I go - should have been their) what their agenda is and how all they can do is attack personal things like typos when they cannot touch the message or subject.  They should make sure their comments back are airtight/watertight and remember those in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones!


True civility is when everyone gives to every other one every right that they claim for themselves.


I am sure most of you didn’t see the rest of mistakes I made in here, but don’t worry the spelling and grammar Nazis will let us know.  They will find the Easter Eggs of ones I didn’t point out and I am sure some real mistakes I made without knowing.  But hey, they’re petty, they are grasping for straws and finding typos, spelling errors and grammar errors and this makes them feel better about themselves and in the end that is all that matters…THEM!!!


It must suck being so bitter, you have my sympathy.


"One should strive to achieve; not sit in bitter regret.”

- VNV Nation

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