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Our Voice Was Heard!

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Okay people, Mayor Day is finally talking publicly about Packard Plaza!  The constant pressures we have placed on him and Brian Biernat have got them interested in the situation there.


I heard Mayor Day did talk about Packard Plaza at the CDA meeting.  Maybe he might talk at the Common Council meeting.  Isn’t it sad that it takes putting his feet in the fire during an election year to get him to speak?  He must have finally gotten the okay to speak from his Good ole boy masters.


The City is on the case people, I am sure it is in capable hands…NOT!  But hey, some action is better than no action.  Mayor Day and Mr. Biernat are going to work with the landowner to help fill the open vacancies.  They are concerned now to act.


No don’t ask what has changed, they were always on the case right?  They were on top of things right?


I am also hearing Mr. Biernat's focus is turning towards development and he even had someone update the development he working on.  We will soon see him at the Common Council meetings.


Yes folks, year 2.75 of his 3 year term and Mayor is now concerned about development.  I think he might even contact Wal-Mart about building on the Iceport – I jest, of course the Wal-Mart is being built in South Milwaukee and opening in April.


Maybe we can get Meijer to build on the Iceport since they are pulling out of Franklin!


Meijer pulls plans for Franklin store


Mayor Day and Mr. Biernat get on the horn, call them.  Work on them!

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