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Now Everyone Is In Cudahy District 3

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I find it funny that all these people who have been against me and commenting on the blog for the longest time are suddenly claiming they are in my district and suddenly they claim their minds are made up that I am a hot head and they are now NOT going to vote for me and they are talking to their neighbors about me!


All of this 'seals the deal for me'----I think I have heard enough 'jibberish'---Randy, my neighbors and I will NOT be voting for you....We have dicussed it and you are a hot head and appear to be irrational...not someone we want to represent us.....”


Wow, and they say that politicians are good at twisting things around.  They're amateurs compared to you!


Seriously people what do they take me as?  What do they take you as?  You should be able to see right through that and them as well.  They think if they claim they are my constituents it will weigh more and matter, the issue is their claim and they are NOT.  If they are, they can prove it!  I can drive over to their house and they can tell me to my face or when I see them door-to-door they can tell me but they are not in my district and some don’t even live in Cudahy.


These are some of the same ilk of people that shot my window out for leading and pushing for a Wal-Mart.  The same people who keyed my car and flattened my tires for daring to keep former Mayor Ryan McCue in check.  And YES, they have gone to my son’s grave and attempted to have my blog taken down to shut me up.  I had one person even setup an attack blog to go after me.


Arguing with a fool proves there are two.”  - Doris M. Smith


Am I a Hot head – NO!  Intimidate people, NO again!  Am I heavy handed, hmm, you bet!  Harsh, yup!  Blunt, oh yeah!  Brutally honest and a straight shooter, most certainly!  I don’t name call, but that doesn’t mean I don’t use wit and creative writing to my advantage.


When you ruffle the feathers of Mayor Day, Mary Jo Lange, Mike Clark, Brian Biernat, and former Mayor Ryan McCue supporters there is going to be backlash, kicking and screaming.


I am sure the more prudent political thing is to ignore those people, but then they WIN and silence me.  They become terrorists and me the victim.  I am NOT a politician, but a common man who wants to bring the power back to the people.  When confronted with force, force will be applied back in-kind.


You don’t have to be gentle with me, just expect the same treatment back in equal amounts.  I give what I receive.  You take the high ground I will, you wade in the mud, I will get my ankles muddy.  If you dish, you better be able to receive!


Also, if I make a mindless comment, and get challenged on it, I had better be able to come up with something to back it up and logically reason through it.  Or...rightfully get hammered on it.  But that's exactly why I don't make comments I can't back up.  It's really quite easy to do.


I have a thick skin and I know I am made of tougher stuff than them. 


When you are the only one standing, you will stand out!


I am reminded of this 2008 comment from someone who isn’t a fan – “I will do and say whatever it takes to shut the big mouth up.  And it must be working.  If you cannot handle a little name-calling then you aren’t an adult and you shouldn’t put yourself out there!


I will NOT lie down

I will NOT go quietly

I will NOT submit

I will NOT roll over

I will NOT comply

I will NOT sit down

I will NOT shut up


I know I stand up and for the people of Cudahy.  I know I am NOT the norm and not the conventional Alderman-type.  Well Cudahy government is dysfunctional and broken and the same old same old will not work anymore.  I didn’t just move to Cudahy, I have lived here going on 18 years and have a family here to set down roots with.  I am NOT going anywhere and that scares some people.  I fight for what I believe in, I stand my ground, and express my feelings from the heart and tell the truth.  The only people who are mad at you for speaking the truth are those people who are living a lie or keeping a lie alive!


Hey folks don’t worry if Mayor Day gets reelected I can work with him no problem.  I was talking to Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan not too long ago and his advice was, “be as public as you need to be!” 


I know this is going to be something new in Cudahy and I am an unconventional election choice, but the way we have been doing things doesn’t work.  We need to bring the power back to the people and that is what I plan on doing.


I was told people around Cudahy are talking plenty about me and saying, “As far as an Alderman, I know the people who know you and are getting to know you, NEVER question your commitment to the city, and what you would bring as an Elected Official.”


Cudahy District 3 you are, no matter which candidate you chose, getting an opinionated blogger for Alderman.


If you want more of the same old same old, vote for the other guy, you want something different in a good way, vote for me.  I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk and as you saw and will see again in my literature, I don’t need some fluff to help me win, my literature is filled with real things I have done and promises I can keep, something called substance!


Remember some people firmly believe - If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BS, I on the other hand, don’t believe that.


People are asking if I prefer Dick Bartoshevich over Mike Clark and the answer is YES.  Mayor Day I am told supports Mike and Michelle in the 5th district since they lean more towards voting YES for Part Time Mayor / Full Time Administrator (and YES I do know Dick slightly does as well) I don’t think given Mike Clark’s ties to the DPW that he could be impartial and folks, two areas we need work on is the Economic Development Department and the DPW/Engineering Department and Mike is too close to Mary Jo Lange for real corrective action to take place.


Even if I would lose the election which I don’t think I will, I will be back in 3 years to run again and my blog will always be here.  I am a voice for people in Cudahy and will continue to be.

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