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I am an Ultra-Conservative, Alpha-Male, True Authentic Leader, Type "C" Personality, who is very active in my community; whether it is donating time, clothes or money for Project Concern or going to Common Council meetings and voicing my opinions. As a blogger, I intend to provide a different viewpoint "The way I see it!" on various world, national and local issues with a few helpful tips & tidbits sprinkled in.

A Reader Reacts With Their Story

Cudahy, Email

I want to share with you a sad but typical Cudahy story.  I have edited this so the person’s personal stuff is not there and fixed a few spelling errors and adjusted the formatting for the blog, but going door-to-door, I have been hearing this as well.


Hi Randy,


I just recently been reading some of your blog and I have to say you do a very good job of summing up how I feel about Cudahy.  I moved there 3 years ago and it is my biggest regret in life to date.  I have never lived any place where the city picks your property apart to nickel and dime their residents for everything they can get. 


After a little over a year, I was so fed up with Cudahy I swore to my wife I wouldn't spend a single cent at any store in Cudahy since that store had to pay property taxes to that horrible government.  I have mostly succeeded with that goal.  As soon as I can get rid of my property, I will flee like a lot of the businesses have.


 I have spread by word of mouth for the last 2 years what a toxic environment the government of Cudahy creates for their property owners.  I hear about Cudahy from others too that lived there and moved.  I don't know the background of Cudahy really well, but from what I can tell Cudahy has taken good measure to ruin its reputation as a place that cares.  I really wish the current government would change its attitude toward their residents.  Without that change, I don't see why any business would come into the area.  Packard Plaza store areas will be mostly vacant.  I have rarely seen a parking lot as empty as the one at Kmart/Sears.  Post Office gone now.  Walmart being built so close to Cudahy border is a great time to evaluate different strategies to re-vamp your image and make necessary changes to take advantage of an increased amount of traffic to the area around College/Packard.  I see now just how bad it is when I read your blog.  Hope change comes before it is too late.


Thanks for a great blog on the issues regarding where I live.  I will keep checking in to see what develops.  Keep doing an excellent job.


Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for the Cudahy Concerns and Cudahy Cares projects to help beautify our image and properties, but time and time again I keep hearing about our overzealous inspection people. 


During the summer of 2012, my neighbor next to me and across from me let me know people from the city came out to measure my bushes and grass.  The people from the city took pictures I was told.  I never received a fine as my guess is I was okay. 


I think this was retaliation for fighting the system and pointing out things dealing with Mary Jo Lange and the DPW.  I was told most of the DPW people like me, but a few are loyal to MJL like the one last year who pushed a whole pile of snow on purpose up my driveway to send me a message or whomever from the city puts piles of dog crap on my front step with a note that said, “Since you are full of it here is some more!”  I have talked all about this in the past, much like having my front window shot out and my car tires flattened because I supported and pushed for a Cudahy Wal-Mart (which 80+% of Cudahy District 3 supported according to Alderman Otto’s numbers).


We need to change the attitude of City Hall and gain control of the city and put it back in the hands of the taxpayers.  We need to get the renters involved in Cudahy in positive ways and stop looking at them as part of the problem and make them part of the solution.  If we have to kick out the bad ones, then let’s get a big boot and bring in some dumpsters.


The real asset of Cudahy is its caring people. 

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