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Let's Talk About Hiding Something in Plain Sight

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So if you travel to the Cudahy Economic Development site you will see this:


Initially hired as a half time employee serving the economic development needs of the City of Cudahy in October 2011, Brian Biernat became a full time employee directing and managing the combination of the departments of building inpsection, zoning administration and economic development for Cudahy over the first six months of 2012.  The integration of these three closely related municipal functions has allowed for the elimination of one director-level position and the reduction of $15,000 in salary from the previous economic development director position for a total savings to the taxpayer of approximately $80,000.  More importantly, the services provided are more efficiently and reliably delivered to our constituency.  Additional moves to increase the new department's efficiency are planned for 2013.


You will also see this flowchart:



So I ask the question, when did this pass the Common Council?  I have not been able to find it, but I could have missed it.


There is one other thing/way to consider.


It is that you have to remember that all the dirty work is done at the committee level, and not as items at the Common Council level.  The council approves the minutes of a committee meetings, and sometimes by approving the minutes, agrees to the committees action.  And then whamo, it is the way it is!


Thus, an Alderman can really stretch the truth and say that he or she did not directly vote on something since all they did is approve someone else’s actions in the form of harmless minutes right?  Their hands are clean!  They did nothing wrong and have a clear conscience!  They don’t have to be held accountable to the voters for actions someone else did!


Through the consent agenda, thus, the minutes of all meetings are approved in one big swoop, and that is why, unless someone objects and moves them out of consent agenda, the meetings are over in 5 to 10 minutes.


I am NOT expecting government to be perfect, it just appears Cudahy is dysfunctional and at time careless, lazy, and inept. 


That is how things have been done over the last 3 years, and even through most of McCue's term.  I say that is circumventing the process and being less than honest!  All of this done in open session in the light of day with the public in the dark! 



Let’s also talk about what Mr. Biernat was supposed to spend his time doing!


Remember I point out that Mr. Biernat's focus is turning towards development and he even had someone update the development he working on.  We will soon see him at the Common Council meetings. 


So what was Cudahy Economic Development Director Brian Biernat main job duties (in order) are supposed to be:


1. Economic Development

2. Zoning

3. Inspection Supervisor. 


And with number three, other than to be their boss, he was supposed to take up little to none of his time. 


Zoning, a bit of his time, depending on what was coming in economic development.


That is why you saw the position combination when Butch retired, and Inspection was put under Brian.  Even if he was spending 70% of his time on economic development, you can see what we are getting for it.


The BIGGER question of the day is….drumroll please!!!!


If Mayor Day and Mr. Biernat know that development is lacking in Cudahy then why are they NOT doing much to fix it?


Well folks, if you have been reading my blog for the last year you know the answer!


It is to sell the Part Time Mayor / Full Time Administrator to the Common Council and to the voters.  See Mayor Day is hoping to get re-elected and he will admit that he just doesn’t have the skillset to get development in and that is why we need a professional City Administrator.


Folks, that is a copout, a lie, and he has been on purpose and by design manipulating all of this for that goal, the Part Time Mayor / Full Time Administrator.  He is hoping to play you all as pawns in it.


I stood and talked with a fellow alderperson candidate the other day and they told me with Mayor Day he just doesn’t have the skillset to do development.  I told them I blogged about that last year that he would be using that as his go to!


Horse plop!!!


As I said, the feelers are out if former Mayor McCue would come back for the Full Time Administrator job here in Cudahy.  Yes, yes I know his wife’s family is from where he is, but the good ole boys want to make it up to him that he took one for the team and Ryan McCue would love to come back to Cudahy.


Plan B is - I was even told Mr. Biernat’s redesigned department was done so he could look better to go after the Full Time Administrator job.

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