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Let's Talk Some More on the Dysfunctional City of Cudahy

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I have talked about that development is a major issue in Cudahy and that our different segments of City Government pertaining to it are not on the same page, no check that, not even in the same book.  It is dysfunctional and with dysfunctional things it is spreading to other things.  It spreads like cancer.


I am NOT expecting government to be perfect, it just appears Cudahy is dysfunctional and at time careless, lazy, and inept.  Come on the email address for Tom Pavlic left on the Personnel Agenda, the City and Econ websites out of date and wrong.  Please people show pride in your job since it is what you do and it is a reflection of Cudahy.  It is the image people see when they go to the Official City website and documents.  Those documents are legal documents!  This isn’t just a blog that has typos on it or a misspelled word or two, these are Official legal items.


Also, remember I point out that Mr. Biernat's focus is turning towards development and he even had someone update the development he working on.  We will soon see him at the Common Council meetings. 


A reader sent me this:




Question:  Why is Tony Day managing and updating the website and the CC Agendas/Minutes when the City has Carolyn for clerical and others for the computer?  He has spent 1/2 of his time at a Major's salary doing subservient work? 


Similar problem with Economic Developer spending his expensive time doing 1/2 time on building inspections for multiple family buildings.  It's the only reason Biernat stays; the extra work with Bldg. Inspections because he doesn't know how to bring business to Cudahy - not to mention he's realizing how much of a puppet he really is the "old guard".  There have been many rumors that Biernat will leave after the election and he sees who the new guard will be and mostly because he lives 40 miles North and he hates it.  Note: check the law/rules for creating a part time Mayor position....not as simple as a CC decision!


Another reader sent me this:


When they hired Brian Biernat it was for Part Time Economic Development and then shortly after Mayor Day decided Cudahy could utilize Mr. Biernat’s talent in Inspections as Part Time and together Mr. Biernat became a full time employee.  My issue is less the way they backed him in as a full time employee but his inspection time is more than 50% of his time and done during prime business development time when contact places is important and now he needs an assistant to help him with development.  NO WAY!!


I would also like to know if the inspection part he does, is that pay being drawn out of the TIF money?


Don’t worry people ONCE I am elected Alderman I will be getting us all answers!


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