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Culinary yes-yes #14

I have “liked” several Facebook pages of food bloggers who keep things fresh by consistently posting foodie questions to their fans.  Everyone fits in one of two food camps: leftover lover or leftover hater. What are you?” was a recent inquiry.  Generally I don’t bother responding since my two cents’ worth gets buried by a million others chiming in.  This time, however, I couldn’t resist.  My response?  "LOVER! So many things taste better the next day.”  My unscientific summary would be that the camps were 50-50.  But goodness, the responses AGAINST leftovers were certainly passionate.  “Yuck” was probably the tamest.

Why such a visceral reaction to the humble leftover?  Another unscientific theory (mine again) is that a lot of it stems from childhood memories:

"The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for 30 years she served the family nothing but leftovers. The original meal has never been found."

Calvin Trillin

I’ve always been a leftover lover.  Mom wasn’t a food-waster and I’m generally the same way.  I remember in my single days when I’d go out every weekend with my best friend Michele.  We’d both package our meals.  Mine was for consumption the next day; hers was to make sure she didn’t hurt the feelings of our server.  She never ate hers and half the time they were deposited in the nearest trash can outside the restaurant.  I’d give her my kidney or lung I love her that much but I will never EVER understand her opposition to a second chance at the meal she just enjoyed.

Truthfully I think there are some meals that just taste better the second time around.  There are entire blogs and sites devoted to the art of repast reruns… that would be THANKSGIVING. Even chef extraordinaire Thomas Keller weighs in on the topic.  

There are other reasons beyond flavor development to revere the repeat.  Have you ever taken an amazing meal to work the next day for lunch?  As you’re pulling out your Entrée Times Two from the microwave, your coworker is patiently waiting to put in her Frozen Diet Dinner.

What would YOU rather tear in to…







Yeah, nothing like making your office mate drool with jealousy.

So perhaps you’re not about making your colleague cranky.  What about the sage advice of any nutritionist/diet expert/any person out there who wants to lose weight.  Anyone will tell you that given the ginormous portions of today’s restaurants your first line of defense against overeating is to IMMEDIATELY ask to box half your meal.  (Anecdotally I don’t see this ever happening.  Who wants to look like a weirdo and ask to have their meal wrapped BEFORE they take the first bite?)  I’m all about waiting until dessert to ask for my entrée to be doggy-bagged.  (BTW it’s really not that tough to draw an imaginary OR real line down your plate and just eat 50%.  I do it all the time.)

Whether you’re of the mindset of the nuveau-frugal or are just a practical diner I’m a firm believer of the beauty of bounty and food is no exception.

Enjoying a meal a second time around?  Absolutely a culinary Yes-Yes!

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