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Cudahy's Undiagnosed or Misdiagnosed Business Conditions

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I am told that people get it, Cudahy has a development problem, and they know Mayor Day has done very little if anything to address it let alone fix it!


I am also told I can stop talking about it already that I am beating a dead horse.


If I don’t talk about who will?


So why isn’t Cudahy attractive to businesses?


Why do they not want to stay?

Why do they not want to come?


Is it something in the water?


An unelected body needs more oversight, not more power. 


To help bring the CDA back into the fold and get them back on the same page for development I think we need to move back to having the President of the Common Council as the CDA Chairperson.  When this was changed was the same time the CDA started to no longer be on the same page and moving in the same direction.  As developers have told me, they are dysfunctional and singing from different hymn sheets.


You can add Cudahy’s Chamber of Commerce to the equation – When did you last publically hear from them?


Shouldn’t they be front and center and play a more public role?


Cudahy’s business development and conditions are often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.


I understand why the Economic Development Director doesn’t get results nor has much focus on it!  There is no consequence if he doesn’t.  Just as his predecessor had no official goals or requirements for development neither does this one.  And that my friends are Mayor Day’s fault and the Common Council.


People ask me why am I so tough on the Common Council.  Well they want to believe what they are told from the Mayor and Economic Development Director to the determent of the city.  It isn’t their fault they believe, they should be able to.  It is their fault for accepting things, being publicly silent.  Come on folks, when was the last time you read a public statement from one of them? 




Side note – I did finally hear them get serious publicly at the CC meeting February 5, 2013 with Econ Director Brian, but they need more days like this.


Now back to the post.


I wonder if it wasn’t back in the Wal-Mart fight and that was with Mayor McCue.


See Mayor McCue scared them and got them to feel unsure, insecure, and made them believe that the Mayor is the true power when it is the Common Council voicing the concerns and doing the will of the people.  Mayor Day took advantage of them and continued what Mayor McCue started.


I say, by Mayor Day doing little to nothing for development that is tantamount of theft of time.


His performance on development has been lackadaisical don’t you think?


It is TIME FOR US TO SPEAK.  The Mayor needs to hear ALL our voices!  OVER AND OVER!!!


A few people have told me that if I am elected Alderman I will be froze out of information concerning development.  If that happens, I will have no choice but to contact my media friends on radio and TV to bring light to this situation. 


I can work with Fech, Clark, Day, and all of them.  Once you understand a person and situation it, a plan, and corrective action can be taken. 


Again, I can and will work with anyone!  However, I will not tolerate the people NOT getting the public information.


A few people also told me that I am too opinionated and a blogger to be Alderman.  To that I told them my opponent is also.



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