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My name is Kristan T. Harris. I have run for political office and have worked a political grass roots campaign for Ron Paul. I was nominated and elected to the GOP platform committee in 2012. I am a huge advocate for liberty and freedom.I am a libertarian at heart. I am also a news junkie and love a good mystery.

Fluoride. Studies Show Frightening Results! Get Involved Locally! There Is Poison In The Tap Water! Updated!

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I want to tell a little story on how fluoride ended up in our drinking water. I thought it was more recent that we discovered the harmful effects on humans. I found this not to be true. My grandfather Thomas Harris sat on the Ontonagon City Council in Michigan and fought relentlessly to keep both Fluoride & Hi-Fructose Corn Syrup out of food and water for years in the 50-60's. So what happened? Over years people of the older public servant generation retired and became quickly replaced by lobbyist funded politicians who were fed slighted facts to justify these uses. The medical field adopted these tactics and adopted these slighted benefits. For generations to come lobbyists have propped false propaganda and are basically poisoning us knowingly.

Another odd belief my grandfather had was to not trust the medical field. I believe some of this to be handed down bias as most medicine men back in the late 1800's would sell bogus medicine. So has much changed? Studies are starting to come out that many vaccines do not help at all. Isn’t that the same as the 1800's? As the CDC just came out and admitted Flu shot does not work. You can read it for yourself here. CDC admits to flu vaccine's ineffectiveness as huge influx of flu victims fills hospitals across the country.

In recent news not covered by the general media is this fantastic article on fluoride. Fluoride recently has been linked to lowering children’s I.Q and causing thyroid problems among a large list. We should be outraged that this information is readily available at our fingertips and yet government rubber stamp scientists and lobbyists seem to have us all thinking its ok to take our daily dose of poison.

Dr. Mercola
Waking Times

Dr. Paul Connett is recognized worldwide as a leader in the movement to eliminate fluoride from the municipal water supplies, and I’m pleased to be working with him to achieve this goal.

What’s driving the Irrational Water Fluoridation Mandates?

According to Dr. Connett, with the science we now have on fluoride, the current water fluoridation mandates simply do not make any sense. If it is to continue, then the authorities will have to come up with some rational explanations to explain this irrational behavior.

“Teeth are important, but I can’t believe that all these governments are mobilized to protect this miniscule amount of saved teeth,” he says.

“What is the rational explanation for this irrational behavior?…. We know why the rank and file continue; because they are busy doctors and dentists; they don’t have time to read the literature. They just mouth what they are told by their professional bodies.

It’s the attitude of the people at the top of these chains of command; top of the dental associations, top of the health departments, in our (U.S.) case, the Department of Health and Human Services. To lose fluoridation means to lose credibility…”

He may be right, because if they lose credibility on this issue, they stand to lose credibility on other public health policies, such as the childhood vaccination schedule, for example. After all, they must have the public’s trust in order to effectively oversee public health policy, and that’s part of the reason for why they’re fighting so hard to stave this issue off.

“I said to the [New Zealand] Ministry of Health: If you had the courage, you would gain credibility. If you came out now and said, it’s a mistake, or we found out that it only works topically; there is no point in putting it in people’s water… [Then] they would regain the public’s trust.

The people will be so impressed that they have had the integrity to actually tell the truth…then maybe they’ll gain back some credibility on some of these other public health practices.”

Why Water Fluoridation is “A Stupid Thing To Do”

There are very good reasons for not putting fluoride in the water supplies. It is a drug. If you wanted some to ingest, you’d have to get a prescription. And there are good reasons for why we don’t purposely add any other drugs to our water.

As Dr. Connett says:

“We don’t use the public water supply to deliver medicine because it’s a stupid thing to do. You can’t control the dose. You can’t control who gets it. [There's] no individual supervision. Of course it violates the individual’s right to informed consent to medicine.

So, first of all, you start by saying this is a crazy thing to do, for most people. Then you say, what are the dangers? I spent 15 years pursuing the dangers, but then I woke up one day and said, if it doesn’t work anyway; why would we takeany risk at all? Why would we lower a kid’s IQ by even a small few number of IQ points? Why would we run the risk of making our bones more brittle when we get old? Why would we run the risk of arthritis? Why would we run the risk of lowering thyroid function?

Why is it that the governments that fluoridate don’t investigate any of the things that I have just listed, and yet spend most of their time attacking the methodology of the studies that have found harm in India and China and elsewhere? [The loss of credibility is], I think, the most rational explanation that I have come up with.”

| Read the full article here |

In other absolute terrifying news Switzerland, Russia, France, Japan, Africa and now Peru have a Ban on all GMO (Genetically Modified Foods). What GMO means is that the food has been genetically altered in a lab to produce seeds. These seeds will produce a natural pesticide. In a recent test on 200 rats fed an all GMO diet 70% of the rats died prematurely. A paper detailing the investigation has been published in the peer-reviewed journal Food and Chemical Toxicology. Oh by the way cancer is up in some instances 3,000% and no one seems to talk about why? Vaccines, GMO's and Hi-Fructose Corn-Syrup are definitely playing a role.

Oh and soon you will take your vaccines without knowing it. Here is a great read as well. Coming soon - GMO vaccines contained in our food read about it .| Here | If they can’t force you to take a vaccination they will put it in our food. Who is running this government anyways?


So I am already getting messages from " experts " in the medical field telling me these are fringe studies...Well here is your government funded study by Harvard University. | Harvard Study Finds Fluoride Lowers IQ - Published in Federal Gov't Journal | as reported by Reuters. There are numerous reasons I have problems with government studies. Usually because they are compartmentalized. Meaning the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand does and vice versa. Leaving each other in the dark. You have to believe this is on purpose. It allows it to be ripe for abuse and manipulation where they feel the results may benefit them without anyone being able to connect the dots. If you ask me that is just plain weird and unproductive.

So my response to the experts is this. See, doctors are no longer experts in multiple fields. In prior years doctors knew multiple areas in the field because it was required to understand how other areas worked to effectively perform the whole task. We have doctors that specialize in eyes, ears, feet and many other things. Back then the odds are you had 1 guy who knew how to do a lot of the procedures. Today you rely on what you are taught. So odds are you have been taught by someone who never did the research either. That doesn’t mean you are right. There are plenty of examples of this in history and in the medical field.

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