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Questions from the Art, Minds & Music Event

Alderman, Bay View, Cudahy, Justin Moralez, Tony Day, Tony Zielinski

I would like to start this post by thanking District One Candidate Justin Moralez for thinking of me and including me to participate in this event.  I would also like to thank Milwaukee Alderman Tony Zielinski for his participating and ideas.  As well as Mayor Day for participating in it.


As I spoke during the event that Cudahy needs to bring some of the synergy that Bay View has, many people shook their heads in agreement.


Justin Moralez has some great ideas for bringing the Arts and Music to Cudahy and I think they can have positive impacts.  He has some great ideas about using social media and new technology that a good segment of our population could use.  I think the older folks might not want to use the media and new technology, however you never know unless you try.


I do say though, I did take offense that when Mayor Day spoke at this event when the subject was social media and updating the websites he put the blame on the Common Council that it was their fault for taking it out of his budget and NOT supporting an intern to keep up with the upkeep of the Facebook and website.  I thought that was a cheap shot and a lack of personal responsibility on his part!  It was as if he had no control or thoughts of keeping it up to date if an intern was not going to do it.  I do ask, then how was it all of a sudden after I made it a main point, hastily updated.


Plus over the years I have told Mayor Day no intern is needed and when it was my turn to speak I told the audience just that!  I told them that we can have the Cudahy High School Students as a school project with the guidance of their teacher getting school credit and developing skills in doing such work.  Many people in the audience clapped and thought that was a great idea including Justin’s mom.  She spoke to me after that and thought it was a great opportunity and idea.  Many times we need to think outside the box and having the students taking care of this will not cost the taxpayers additional money and will instill pride from the students that they did this.  I know in the past we have allowed some students to take over the computer IT work and that might not have been the smartest thing, but to have the students with the teachers’ guidance update the Facebook page and website would be an acceptable task. 


This is reminiscent of the flowerpots on Packard where we the taxpayers paid for the flowerpots along Packard Ave and NEVER asked the businesses there if they wanted to contribute towards them.  It is just easier to say and have the taxpayers pay for them.  I also brought that up when I was talking.


I do have one question that isn’t below. 


Do you think the people of Cudahy would be supportive of having a venue like the Rave in Cudahy?


Justin has asked me to post the questions that were placed on large index cards and I thank him for typing them up and emailing them to me so we can all share and possibly talk about.


Here are Justin’s own words and the questions:


“Some of the questions I got on those cards are really good.  It wouldn't be a bad idea to post them on your blog and see if people can offer their own perspective on them.  After all, that is what this was all about.  Shaking the idea tree and see what comes about.


Here are a few of the questions/concerns that were provided.  Some are pretty interesting.”


1. Why don't they update broken structures?  I know there is something to be said about history/historic buildings but we are in 2013, time to upgrade to a newer/younger look.


2. Crime is my biggest worry.  I live in the 5th ward, which could go either way in the next decade.  What can be done to make the area cleaner and safer?


3. Why isn't more being done to curb paranoia of the people that exists through stereotyping and advertisement that molds our mind on a daily basis?  If there are people in power that help to dictate our direction in life as a while, then why all the madness and disconnect.  We are people are being fed ultra-violence and sex on a daily basis through local media and marketing.  It's no longer cool or profitable to promote positivity and equality.  Leaders of the people should help change that to the best their powers allow.  Thank you...


4. Would like to see a better connection and a stronger relationship between city officials and locally based creative groups.  More colorful murals/public artwork


5. How do we get renters to be more part of the fold?


6. Does big box play a role in BV & Cudahy?


7. What are your views on redoing the Hoan Bridge?


8. In Cudahy, there are very few activities for families to spend the day doing.  What interests do you have or visions to draw families into Cudahy rather than young irresponsible people or trouble makers?  (There are more bars along Packard ave than I 've seen in most communities.  How can we help the community to attract small businesses into the community?)


9. Vacant buildings quickly devalue an area.  What are your ideas for filling space both short & long term?



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