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I am an Ultra-Conservative, Alpha-Male, True Authentic Leader, Type "C" Personality, who is very active in my community; whether it is donating time, clothes or money for Project Concern or going to Common Council meetings and voicing my opinions. As a blogger, I intend to provide a different viewpoint "The way I see it!" on various world, national and local issues with a few helpful tips & tidbits sprinkled in.

Odds and Ends!

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Some people have claimed it was a shock that I was running for alderman.  I have taken all of this with great thought and anyone that has been reading the blog since 2010 knew I would be running for Alderman in 2013 as I talked about it in many blog posts.


Darren Grams and I in 2010 talked about it when I was going to run, but we decided it was better for him to run in 2010 and if he didn’t win I would in 2013.


Some people have made it an issue I don’t have a website, but I do and you are reading it.  I have over 1,300 posts for you to look at and see that I am genuine and don’t need to distance myself or reinvent myself to get votes.  It is all here to read.


Is it unconventional, sure, but what about those running that have no website whatsoever?  Hmmm….


In an attempt to get my goat and try to demonstrate I don’t like anyone and cannot work with anyone, they failed just as Mayor Day has failed this city!


When you cannot win the debate on the issues, you don’t bring up the issues, you bring up things that sound like the issues but are really NOT the issues.  This is a misdirection/redirection tactic!


Someone more astute than I, tells me I need to remind people that I not only represent my district, but (collectively in the CC voting or Committee decisions) represent the requests/best interests of ALL Cudahy residents in your voting on issues!


A smart man listens to advice.  A wise man takes the advice.


Council President


I have taken heat for stating that I don’t think Mary was the right fit as Council President.  Here is where I shine, I give brutal honest answers, and many people don’t like that.  They want to hear everything is rosy and just fine.


People you have to remember to separate Mary the Alderwoman and Mary the Council President, as they are to different things.  I hear, she fights for her constituents, but how in the capacity of Council President?  I can see that as Alderwoman, and her and I have talked long and hard about things in the past.  I can work with her no problem.


I ask this:


What makes her a great Council President?


Please show me what she has pushed for as Council President?


I have had someone email me that I am harsh on Mary because I want the Council President position.  I don’t think a rookie/freshman should be it and have no desire for it.  The person that is the right fit, is someone that has much more time to devote like someone who works part time or is retired.  Even if I was nominated for it, I promise you I would not take it.  You can take that to the bank!


Mayor Day blaming the Common Council


The Common Council has become the punching bag of Mayor Day.  Not for the real failures, because his hand is in them, but again misdirection/redirection.


I have talked that he blamed the website and Facebook page on the Common Council for not approving an intern for it.  He is also blaming the Common Council for the lack of development!


Yep Mayor Day is not taking personal responsibility for his failures or his part of the failure.


Mayor Day is saying because the Common Council did not approve Cudahy Economic Development Director Brian Biernat’s $40,000 assistant!


In both cases the Common Council were looking out for the taxpayers and feel we already have the personnel we are paying to do the job!




So someone pointed out the other irony with regards to Wal-Mart and Packard Plaza.  Wal-Mart we were told by our leaders and development people would kill Packard Plaza.  Fast forward to February 5, 2013 and we are told that Wal-Mart is basically the only hope for Packard Plaza!


Folks, that should tell you even people with fancy skills, training and degrees in development have no clue, mostly because they base their decisions on emotions and look at the small picture rather that looking at facts and the bigger picture!




Here is one of the reasons the Iceport is still undeveloped – Certain City people want City Hall and the High School to move to that land!  I have talked about it in the past and said it would be great to do as long as the taxpayers are not on the hook.  It needs to be done in a way that the land overlooking Lake Michigan that City Hall and the High School sells for, pays to build the new ones.




I have already talked that the CDA chairperson should go back to being an Alderman, we need to have Cudahy’s Governmental bodies, and quasi-governmental bodies working together to promote Cudahy development in unison.  They need to work as links on a chain.


One other thing to remember is the CDA is an advisory committee/board/commission and thanks to Mayor McCue and Mayor Day we have allowed the CDA to SET policy and dictate to the Common Council what is going on in development.  This is the cart before the horse and circumvents the Common Council. 


Again, you ask why there is no development in Cudahy. It was designed to give the Mayor the power to say yea or nay.  Who do you think appoints who is on the CDA, the Mayor, and yes the Common Council votes on it, but have you ever heard them say no?  And you wonder why I give blame to the Common Council as well. 


Good grief people, wake up!


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