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My name is Kristan T. Harris. I have run for political office and have worked a political grass roots campaign for Ron Paul. I was nominated and elected to the GOP platform committee in 2012. I am a huge advocate for liberty and freedom.I am a libertarian at heart. I am also a news junkie and love a good mystery.

U.N. Agenda 21/Smart Growth is Stealing Your Tax Money: Your Local Police, Fire Fighters & Unions Need Your Help!

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Article by: Kristan T. Harris
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You can verify these claims on The U.N. Website. That is how arrogant they are. Hidden in plain site is the best place to hide crooked politics.


First I recommend you read my first article on Agenda 21 to fully understand it however it is not required to get an above average idea of what is happening in your local community. This is a bi-partisan issue. It does not matter what religion, race or walk of life you are in. U.N. Agenda 21 will impact your life. I also want to make it clear that I support our local law enforcement and fire department. I often am very hard on police state happenings. Our local police are on the front lines when it comes to justice and it’s not an easy job. They are the true upholders of the constitution and need your support now more than ever. Your local unions NEED to be made aware of this issue. This bill is so real that we voted to put anti smart growth language into the GOP platform last year in 2012. I want to also mention that what I am about to post is not your local governments fault or communities fault. They went to local meetings put in their input and were sold on sustainable development/Smart Growth Plan using the Delphi Meeting Technique.

One problem with Sustainable development and Smart Growth is money is re-directed from general funds that support your local police & fire fighters into sustainable development fund. The money is being used to re-develop and designate city zones from residential, industrial and commercial zones and is rezoning them as blighted areas allowing them to mix zones. This allows buildings which will have store fronts on the first floor and 2 levels of housing above it.

First, I would like to point out these buildings are very expensive to run. Also you will notice undoubtedly all these buildings have “For Rent” signs on them and are empty. The plan is to regulate everyone out of rural areas where natural resources are found and force them into the city because natural resources are now worth more than human life per U.N. Agenda 21 signed onto by George H. Bush in 1992 In Rio De Janiero and put in play by Bill Clinton.


The Delphi Meeting Technique

Developed by the RAND Corporation as a cold war mind control technique, The Delphi system is used to channel a group of people to accept ones point of view. They impose their own ideas on you and lead you to believe they are your own ideas.  I should also point out this same technique was used in the 70’s & 80’s to convince general land owners to rezone their local city. It can be used on any number of people from 1 person to the largest group.  How it works is trained facilitators present a variety of choices for the group but have manufactured it so they control the outcome. These are most commonly used in local meetings held by your city/county called ‘Vision Meetings’ to get your input on the city direction of 2022 etc. Money for these meetings generally comes from the President’s Council of Sustainable Development in forms of grants given to your local government. The meetings are advertised as a great chance for you to give your input on exciting changes in your cities design.

The main point here is that you have NO input. Just comments and observations.  Any comments outside of the pre-approved plan will be written down and thrown away later. Only supportive comments on the pre-approved plan will be accepted. This gives the illusion of public buy-in and later your local official can point out that they held local meetings, people attended, they took comments and the community accepted the plan. The private consultant agency hired is usually trained in giving these kind of meetings later announces here is YOUR plan. Speakers will usually include government officials, sometimes your mayor or council people. Representatives from your local non-profit organization, engineers and businesses who have interest in the development of their local community.

In these meetings the facilitator will show an impressive power point, stunning pictures of middle class families, colored handouts, parks, high speed trains and a pleasant utopia. They will show you a map asking which colored zone you would like your city to grow. It should be noted that property owners seldom if ever in these areas are invited to these meetings. Your input/ideas will be taken as you write them down with crayons and gold stars like kindergarteners. During Delphi meetings people at the table are unaware that a large amount of people at their table have been briefed on the project and are told to manage their table. Yes there are ‘shills’ at every table. In larger meetings they will be introduced as part of the organizing team and that this is an open forum discussion…


Why should my local union police or fireman care?


First of all U.N. Agenda 21 is not a government policy. It is a U.N. Policy. At any time your local city can cut funds to sustainable development.Yes there are local police that know about Agenda 21 as I know many police officers personally. Well let me say now is the time to get involved!  Expect your officials to get incredible amount of heat from their leaders in the party. The other thing is it is 100% un-American. It is called communitarianism. You no longer have individual rights but we must do what is in best interest of the community. Collecting rain water in 17 states is illegal and will land you up in jail and now if you don’t mow your lawn you will be fined. These are all unconstitutional.

Most of our towns are providing funding and or infrastructure development for these private projects. They use REDEVLOPMENT AGENCY FUNDS. Your money and more specifically your property taxes. You will probably notice in your city that it has very little in general funds. They are low and that’s money we can use to pay our local police, hospital workers and firefighters! Your streetlights may be getting turned off, your roads pot holed, local parks torn apart, your local county hospitals may even be closing. The money that should have been used for these things have been re-directed to redevelopment. Notice local cities property taxes have gone up in the last year or so? This is undoubtedly a huge contributing factor. Crooked. If you are now angry it is ok, you should be.

What can we do about U. N. Agenda 21 (Smart Growth, Sustainable Development)

First you should know your city can immediately develop a plant to repeal Smart Growth/Sustainable Development. Cities all across America have rebuked this bill (even entire states) simply on the fact this is not American Legislation. These are plans given down by the United Nations have no authority in America.

What to expect. Regardless of your political party your Mayor and city leaders well tell you every excuse in the book why they cannot get rid of it. I have found if you follow the money you usually can find out who their funding is. They will get pressure from bank funded politicians regardless of the party saying this will kill your economy and that you hate the planet. That you will not get re-elected, lobbyist funding and grants. Don’t believe them. I will tell you right now leaders who are fighting this are being elected at an alarming rate. You may be painted as nuts or fringe as this is typical government gas lighting. Most government officials do not even know what is in the bill.  A perfect example is countless of YouTube videos where politicians are 1 day away before passing a bill and not 1 politician will have read thousand page bills. You will find they pass them anyway.

Think about it. Think about how they manipulated these meetings and worse yet made you feel like it was your own idea. So what happens when the U.N.  steals from local police and fire fighters and local Tax payers ?

 P.S. Randy Hollenbeck/Todd Day this will let you afford your flower pots on Packard Avenue and your intern for social media that you are so concerned about. This should be the top issue at hand. Getting rid of U.N. Agenda 21, Smart Growth, and Sustainable development should be priority number 1. We do not need the U.N. dictating where our money goes.

Florida has repealed U.N. Agenda 21. A red state.
Democrats against Agenda 21.



Land of free thought huh? The thought police are coming !!

Here is an Assembly Bill addressing Agenda 21 in Wisconsin in 2011.  

October 5, 2011 − Introduced by Representatives WILLIAMS, SUDER, PETROWSKI,
CRAIG, cosponsored by Senators GALLOWAY and MOULTON. Referred to
Committee on Urban and Local Affairs.

AN ACT to repeal 16.965, 20.505 (1) (cm), 20.505 (1) (cn), 20.505 (1) (if), 66.0230
(2) (d) and 66.1001 (3m); to amend 20.505 (1) (ie), 36.11 (37), 59.69 (3) (a), 62.23
(2), 62.23 (3) (b) and 66.1001 (3) (intro.); and to create 66.1001 (7) and 66.1001
(8) of the statutes; relating to: comprehensive planning and making an



Give me Liberty, Give me freedom,

Kristan T. Harris 




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