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Knowing It All!!

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So a commenter has stated that I am a Know It ALL!!  I would like to know where I say that!  Show me, show all of us!  This strawman argument they attempt to make it just false and a lie.


I know a lot of things, but NEVER have I said I know it all!  Not once, not twice but NEVER! 


Only God knows it all!  I do believe I have made that statement before.


Now they can make it their OPINION or schadenfreude that they think I am a know it all since they are entitled to their opinion no matter how wrong and misguided and clouded it may be.  They just need to make sure they point that out.  I am not belittling them, I am pointing out a harsh fact!


Having a dissenting opinion isn't something to be concerned about, unless someone points out massive holes in your logic and you stick to it anyway.


As a wise man once said, "Sir, you are entitled to your opinion, but not your own set of facts.”


At issue with them was retailing and being a retail manager for K-Mart for 10 years and at 13 different locations including the New Berlin K-Mart from the start of the plans, to going in front of the Planning Commission, to building it, to opening it and setting it up and training employees, I think and know very much about retailing!


(Oh NO, I have a long run on sentence there, what will the Spelling and Grammar police do?) 


A know-it-all or know-all is a person who obnoxiously purports an expansive comprehension of a topic and/or situation when in reality, his/her comprehension is inaccurate or limited.  This display may or may not be directly expressed.”


Hmm…I think it sounds more like our commenter than I.


Now they also have issues with me talking about development and the lack of it in Cudahy.  Well even Stevie Wonder could see that what I say about that is true!


You’re entitled to your incorrect opinion; just stop claiming your opinion is a fact and the truth because it makes you look so silly and ignorant.


Let’s talk more about opinions.  Opinionated people have strong opinions, let’s just hope they are based in facts and not fiction.


Opinions – Everyone has them and they have them on all subjects.  You don’t have to live, work, or even know everything about something to still hold an opinion on something.


This is true for complaining and voting as well.  Nowhere is it written that you must vote to be able to complain about the politics or policies of the government.  Your voice may be your most important asset and the first amendment is about defending that same right to be able to voice ones opinion.


Just as - Don't argue unless you can make something better, oh right, that's a brilliant line.  Not everybody must be an expert in the field to form an opinion or have a preference.


"I never considered a difference of opinions in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.”  - Thomas Jefferson

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