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Mayor Day You Have Failed This City!

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I am NOT a Johnny Come Lately on Packard Plaza nor am I just now discovering development should have been one of Mayor Day’s top priorities.  He is too little too late!


As Oliver Queen from the new hit TV show Arrow would say, but without the violence, “Mayor Day you have failed this city!”


Let’s go back to April 27, 2010 with Priorities for Cudahy Mayor Tony Day also take note I point out Dunham’s leaving.  Do you know how I knew?  I went to the store and had a tour with the Store Manager and he pointed out all of things he told the mall owner and the mall owner told him to use your own money to fix it.


Check out the comments in the original posting of it.


I told people about Dunham’s and it went on deaf ears, then of course I got, “You never said anything about Dunham’s”  Bull plop!!!!!


I give kudos to Cudahy Alderman Jason Litkowiec for publicly calling out the owner of the mall as an absentee landlord and maybe Cudahy needs to start to treat him like we would an absentee home landlord.


I know Mayor Day already knows that “Development” in Cudahy is the key issue.  And it is sad that Cudahy has an Economic development team with a full time Director of Economic Development that was misused and misguided.  As I keep getting asked, how and why was precious time and resources taken away from this team for School and Mayoral “PR” stories and why was the valuable Director of Economic Development asked to take time away from her job to help work on an Employee Manual when one of the Alderpersons full time job is HR?  The only answers I have received have been, you do what the Mayor asks and if you aren’t in the clique or on good graces with the Mayor polices and wants, not much will be asked of you.


There is no order to things that I will list and I would love to hear from anyone on what they think the “Priorities” for Cudahy Mayor Tony Day should be.


I will list mine and then explain them after the list.



•Vacancies at Packard Plaza

•Development on Meyer site

•Something for our youth

•Stop the invasion of DOT roundabouts

•Employee Handbook

•Special Events Committee


Work closely with the Director of Economic Development to help find businesses to fill the vacancies at Packard Plaza.  Because of the vacancies, the landowner will increase the rent to Dunham’s Sporting Goods to makeup for the loss in revenue thus Dunham’s Sporting Goods will leave!  Causing another vacancy.  Quality Candy will be closing soon as part of its Chapter 11 and the selling of its assets. 


It has been proposed in the past to have the Cudahy Post Office move to Packard Plaza; maybe that needs another look.


When someone drives through Cudahy what will they see?  A growing vibrant city or a city dying?  Be honest and tell me?


We need to get some development on the Meyer site.  I would like Wal-Mart to build on a part of it.  Wal-Mart brings with it deep pockets and a desire to show goodwill to the community.  With Wal-Mart as an anchor, it will be easier to sell the rest of the land to prospects like a hotel with Water Park, strip mall, Go Kart track, or Skate Boarding Park.  Those play right into getting something for the youth of Cudahy to do.


We need to stop the roundabouts that the DOT is planning for Cudahy.  The DOT is planning on putting many roundabouts on 27th in Franklin, Oak Creek, and Greenfield.  With those in place, people will look for easier places to shop and Cudahy can and needs to be that place.  Having the Wal-Mart and ShopKo in Cudahy and the massive amounts of roundabouts on the 27th street shopping corridor, we will be able to take advantage of the shoppers not wanting to travel on the merry-go-rounds known as roundabouts.


The employee manual needs to be turned over to Alderwoman Mary Schissel and finished so the Personnel Committee and Common Council can adopt it.  We need conduct rules in place.  I hope there is something added for the Mayor in it and drug testing.


We need a formation of the special events committee.  I did a blog on that in March of 2009.  As important as the July 4th events committee is, we need more special events in Cudahy to help unify the residents.


I would love to hear what you think should be Mayor Tony Day’s priorities or just the top priority for Cudahy.


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