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I See the First Flinch!

2013 Election, Cudahy, Blogging, Zachary Wisniewski

Well folks, I see a certain person has changed their campaign website to now reflect their blog.  Before it just said blogging and now it has their blogs name and hyperlink to it!


See folks my harping that they are trying to move away was correct and got to them.  They didn’t want a connection to their blog but I forced their hand and they reacted.


That is one of the reasons why me being genuine, open and honest shows my intent and character verses theirs.  This is also why I choose my blog as my website and they didn’t!


Oh, if you want proof, just email me at and I will send before and after screenshots.


And folks this was NOT an oversight, mistake, or typo, it was intentionally left off.  They didn’t want a connection to their blog.  See the only reason you do that is if you are deceiving, have something to hide and/or attempting to be someone you are NOT!  Bloggers are proud of their blogs and work which is why when we comment on other blogs we make sure to fill in the website blank with our blog URL.  We want people to know how we feel and what we think, unless we are pulling a fast one and don’t want people to see the truth or be able to educate and inform ourselves on them!


No folks, this is/was done on purpose.


I wonder if they are making alterations to their literature since it is intentionally left off those.  And what about all the people who already received the literature or already went to the campaign website and didn’t see the blog name and/or hyperlink?

Checked with legal and okay to post pics.







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