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Randy Hollenbeck's Alderman Plan/Platform

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Communication -


When was the last time an alderperson contacted you without them being contacted first? 


The lack of communication between the City and its Citizens is the number one problem plaguing the City of Cudahy!


I will keep “the people” informed of what is going on in the city.  I will come home after a Common Council meeting and let people know what was said and done!  I will not post the private in closed session items, but the rest I will.


I want to have an email list of District 3 constituents that would like to know what is going on and for me to ask them what they want me to do.


I will call those that prefer that method and will of course post on my blog.


I will on the major items the Common Council votes on if not given enough time to talk and get the wishes and direction of District 3 constituents as for the vote to be tabled until such time as I can how the District 3 constituents would like me to vote.  This is your voice and agenda, not mine.


I will push to get the Common Council televised and on the web!


I will hold town hall meetings to have face to face time with the District 3 constituents.  I plan on walking the district talking to people not just during election time.


Development –


Development brings JOBS and brings in TAXES!  That is in itself tax relief for the homeowner!


As Alderman for the 3rd District of Cudahy I will be pushing that Cudahy’s Economic Development Director Brian Biernat comes to one Common Council meeting a month and explain in meeting and during the open session what is going on.


We need the Cudahy Chamber of Commerce, CDA, Plan Commission, Common Council, Economic Development Department, and Mayor all working on going in the same direction and I intend on doing whatever it takes to make that happen.


I have in the past, as a plain old citizen, made calls to developers and businesses and that will not stop as Alderman.  In fact it will intensify because in Cudahy our new development is on life support.


Economic development in Cudahy is sorely lacking, misguided and mismanaged!  The thumb of Cudahy government has kept the Citizens of Cudahy pushed down and in the dark with information released when it solely suited them!


Once elected as the 3rd District Alderman of Cudahy, I will be requesting a weekly summary of what the Cudahy Economic Development Director Brian Biernat has done for the week including an hourly breakdown of his days.  Shouldn’t take more than 5-10 mins/week…after all, it should just be a cut/paste from an organizer (Outlook, OneNote…) into an email.


I will be sharing this public information with the residents, my Constituents, and the Taxpayers of Cudahy, the real people in charge!  WE need to know what you are spending our tax dollars on and making sure WE are getting out our monies worth.


I have already contacted Economic Development Consultant Joyce McArdle about what we can do in Cudahy to improve things and bring in more manufacturing jobs. 


We need more little shops and local stores, fast food, sit down restaurants and a big box retailer in Cudahy and I will help to make that happen!


Taxes and Fees -


I fully understand that in some cases as Alderperson’s our hands are tied by other taxing bodies, however for the ones the Common Council controls we need to do better.  There has been a new shell game in town called hide the taxes by calling them FEES!


All one has to do is look at your water bill to know that.  Instead of FEES, increasing Taxes or service cuts let’s look at the budgets harder give management some pay cuts!


I will do whatever I can to make sure we stop the shell game of hide the taxes and call them fees game in Cudahy.  There is a new Fee Sheriff in town and I know FEES are TAXES!


Property Management -


Please stop me if you have heard this in the past from people running for office – We need to do something about Absentee owners, vacant owners, and Slumlords?


Why is we keep hearing people say they will do something about yet they don’t otherwise it wouldn’t keep coming back up.


I will take action on this, not just talk about it!


We need to enforce the rules, laws and ordnances we have on the books to get the properties better and I am NOT just talking residential buildings, I mean out of state owner business buildings as well, such as the owner of Packard Plaza.


If we need to draft new rules, laws and ordnances let’s get it done instead of just talking about it year after year.


We need to help move multiple family dwellings to single family dwellings where possible with incentives that make sense.


Referendums -


I am going on the record saying if my constituents of the 3rd district want something going to referendum, I am compelled to do so.  Being Alderman is not about me, it is about “WE” the people.  It is about bringing their voice to City Hall to be heard.  It is about their direction they want to see Cudahy go in.  It is about them and NOT me and it bothers me that so many people have not listened or care to listen to the people and instead substitute their personal view for the others!


This is going to be the people’s Common Council!  Not pushing my agenda, but the people’s agenda!  Bringing the power back to the people!


I promise to bring information to the public, listen to what they say, be guided by their agenda or I will NOT run for re-election.  You wouldn’t have to worry about firing me by not re-electing me.  If I cannot do what I say I will, I will NOT run.  It is that plain and simple!


Let me close by repeating a small part of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address – “Government of the people, by the people, for the people” and let me add that, you and we are the people!








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