What would you do if money was no object?

After graduating high school, one of the best things my mom did was encourage me to major in something that I really enjoyed.  As long as it involved a college of some sort, she did not care what it was.

Just do something and don't quit! -  She would tell me.  (And, of course, show her the degree when I finish.)

I know too many people who fear that their true interests  -  the things they really love doing - won't impress others, won't pay the bills, are too hard, and are not important. 

These are the same people who end up majoring in business - when their true love is music.  They work in a bank - but think more about the old cars they want to fix up and make beautiful.  They take x-rays but count the days to a weekend of looking at weather forecasts and studying oncoming storms.  I can spend all day giving examples of similar people who look out their windows, into their past,  and focus soley on the "what ifs", instead of the now.

It's all craziness.  This video reinforces everything I feel and everything I intend to teach my kids.  In my opinion, every young adult must watch this video.

Ignore what others tell you.  Do what you love.

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