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A coyote sighting in Franklin is NOT news

Tom Isaac, a wildlife biologist with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources told FranklinNOW he guesses there are probably a few dozen coyote in each suburban community in SE Wisconsin.

Sounds like dog bites man.

Indeed, my wife, Jennifer has seen one across our backyard pond. I’ve seen one outside our front door.


But if a coyote is seen AND PHOTOGRAPHED in Franklin…

A coyote strides through a backyard in Franklin.

Now you’ve got news.

Suppose photographed coyote got threatening and violent. Now what?

To repeat, Tom Isaac of the DNR says, "If you see a coyote, the best thing to do is to harass it and scare it away.  Put some fear into it until it's out of sight."


Have any of you ventured outside one early morning to see a raccoon with its head buried inside your garbage? You shout and scream in an effort to, as DNR brainiac says "scare it away." What does the raccoon do? It momentarily halts its feeding frenzy only to temporarily stare at you in defiance before it resumes its trash buffet.

My guess is the coyote would do the same. Even worse, God forbid, if  it's attacking your child or pet.

I wrote about this in 2009 with the implication that I support, if you own a gun, pulling it out and blasting said coyote, current Franklin ordinance and DNR advice be damned.

Reminds me of the time I was a regular panelist on Charlie Sykes' Sunday TV panel show and the topic was conceal carry. I stunned my weekly sparring partner (and good friend) Mikel Holt on-air asking him what he'd do if approached by law enforcement who detected him carrying (he did at the time and probably does today).

Without hesitation he replied he'd pull out a check and pay the fine.

That same response is what I'd recommend to any Franklin gun-owning resident confronted with a coyote attack.

To repeat, current Franklin ordinance and DNR advice be damned.

A coyote strides through a backyard in Franklin.


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