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The $1.1 million concession stand or, how the Franklin Public School district spends your money

There’s a certain group of people who absolutely go into orbit, hysterics, a full-blown tirade when I refer to apple pie, mom-like Franklin as a Tax Hell.

You know who those folks are?

It’s not you, the hard-working bloke going to the job every day and performing his butt off just to make ends meet and pay the obscene Franklin taxes. You’re the unsung hero taken for granted by the powers that be.

No, the ones apoplectic whenever I dare question the incredibly ridiculous amount of tax and spending in Franklin are the ones with taxing and spending authority. Translation: The elected crowd. That would include City Hall, the School Board, but I would also toss in the un-elected arrogant crowd: bureaucrats at both City Hall and FPS.

For this installment, we focus on the always low-hanging fruit, the fiscally irresponsible bunch in charge of our public schools. They are the Energizer bunny that keeps taxing and spending and taxing and spending and taxing and spending.

At the June 26, 2013 Franklin School Board meeting, discussion ensued about a concession stand in the school district. This wouldn’t be just any concession stand. Not at all. This concession stand comes with a price tag of, are you ready? Are you sitting down?

$1.1 million

New school board member
Alan Aleksandrowicz was the first to express concern.

“A concession stand… I’m still struggling with that…I never saw any plans that we did.  But I’m thinking…$1.1 million. I made the connection that if I was building a home for $1.1.million, I would build just one hell of a house. And this is supposed to be a concession stand and restrooms. I can’t make the connection with how that’s going to cost $1.1 million.”


A rare moment of absolute brilliance on the part of the Franklin School Board.

Where, oh where was FranklinNOW?

Oh, yeh.


Let’s return to that riveting meeting.

Superintendent Steve Patz was not in attendance. He was on vacation.

That left any inquiries at the meeting to go to Business Manager and top school district thief, Jim Milzer who answered in his usual useless, Sominex delivery.

The superintendent will send out information when he gets back from vacation Milzer told the board and the one citizen in attendance.

School Board President Janet Evans said regarding the concession stand, “I want to emphasize, we didn’t have a presentation. We were e-mailed the plans back in March.”

School Board member Linda Witkowski added, “And the plans were just renderings. Three-dimensional renderings. There were no floor plans or cost.”

Cue Milzer: The superintendent will have more when he gets back from vacation.

Two questions were posed, is the funding for the concession stand in the current budget?

Milzer: You’d have to ask Superintendent Patz when he gets back.

No further outrage or disgust. End of discussion. Your tax dollars at work.

You know darn well the concession stand will be built and it will cost more than $1.1 million.

Can’t wait to see this baby.

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