Dollar Tree Deals - What are Deals, What are Not

Here is a great article:  Dollar Store Deals -- What to Buy and What to Skip.  This article is so informative, I have it bookmarked on my computer so I can always go back to it.  Even the comments are great!

I go to the Dollar Tree a lot.  The best deals I find are the gift wrap, greeting cards, and decorations. (Our Lincoln school 6th grade banquet parents bought a lot of real nice decorations here.)   Simply, you are crazy to spend 2.50-4.50 on a birthday card or a gift bag in another store - when you can get similar quality merchandise for $1.00 at the Dollar Tree.
Here are my opinions on other things (I'm just giving feedback to items mentioned in this great article):
  • Food storage containers.  We use these containers not only for storing food, but for storing everything.
  • Scotch Tape.  This is a great thing to stock up on. 
  • Glue stick packs for school.  Another great thing to stock up on.
  • Batteries.  The one and only time we bought batteries at the Dollar Tree, the batteries died after one day.  
  • Spices.  Yes, despite the lectures I receive from my cooking-fanatic friend who stares at me with horror when I tell her I buy spices at the Dollar Tree.  For me, they work just fine!
  • Picture Frames.  I've never bought picture fames here before.  However, per recommendation, I do plan to get some.
  • Knives.  No. I just can't fathom spending $1 on a kitchen knife.  Or it being any good!
  • Socks.  I've been told that socks are a good deal here (and good quality).  I've never bought any,    but plan to check them out.  Apparently, there are cute seasonal socks.
  • Glass Cleaner.  I always get glass cleaner here and see no difference in quality than any other glass cleaner!
  • Pregnancy Tests -  Really?!  I actually saws these near the counter as I was checking out.   I was tempted to ask the cashier if anyone actually bought one.   I cannot imagine the validity of any $1 pregnancy test!   Or why would anyone would think of buying something like this here.
  • Candy and kid snacks.  Yes!   We always buy crackers (snacks for kids at school) and Mike and Ike candy (snacks for mom).

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