Are you addicted?

Are you an addict? I'm talking about exercise addiction. Many people will laugh at the idea. Exercise addiction is, however, real and millions of people have become addicted to exercise to the point where it controls their lives and impairs their ability to function. What are the signs? Seven Warning Signs of Exercise Addiction 1.Always working out alone, isolated from others. 2.Always following the same rigid exercise pattern. 3.Exercising for more than two hours daily, repeatedly. 4.Fixation on weight loss or calories burned. 5.Exercising when sick or injured. 6. Exercising to the point of pain and beyond. 7.Skipping work, class, or social plans for workouts. If exercise has become an obsessive compulsion that you cannot control you may have crossed the line into addiction. Get help if you feel you need help, but continue to exercise at all costs. Exercise is the solution to all of life's problems. No, wait. Scratch that. Exercise is not the solution to all of life's problems. But if you turn to exercise if you feel stressed, bored, happy, sad, worried or for no reason at all, then you may have become addicted. Stay active and stay fit. Happy trails.

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