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Zachary Wisniewski and His Blogging Blue Feeling the Liberal Love!

Liberals, Zachary Wisniewski

So one of Conservative friends calls me up and starts asking me questions about Zach.  I thought the questions were odd given this friend lives in Kenosha.


Then my friend sends me this link and tells me to read the posts there.


It made me laugh!!! 


I love how this person thinks Zach won the Cudahy District 3 Alderman Race or was already the Cudahy Alderman– Makes you wonder how they got that idea and does Zach go around telling people this?!?  


Remember the District 3 constituent that told me Zach was the alderman?   I Am Calling a Foul on This One Zachary Wisniewski  


Now back to the Liberal love site, you should visit the site and read it, if not for the laughs, just for the pure enjoyment of it.


Just a snippet of one of them:


“Zach supports Scott Walkers Prison nation. This makes him a fake liberal. Cudahy Alderman of the Third District



This is Zach who owes his job to Scott Walker. This is Zach who owes everything he has to Walker and his truth in sentencing creating 32,000 public sector jobs


Zach Wisniewski commented on AG candidate Richards lays out priorities.


in response to jerry person:


studys and records show it happens to them ALL. Every member of the justice system even the janitors in the places get cruel. One study showed that just putting on the uniform everyone got violent. 100% It is sad but true human nature becaause we all know people in uniforms are violent. It must be [...]



“Every member of the justice system even the janitors in the places get cruel.”


Ah, okay. Thanks for letting me know that I’m a cruel, “sick puppy” who’s an “aggressive thug” and that I’m a Republican.


You’re now done here.

This Zach who also admitted he owed his job to Walker creating the Prison nation of Wisconsin. He is a state parole and probation officer. he thinks the states justice system is a good as you get. That makes him no liberal. His blogs are like fox channel as far as news. Just enough to miss lead you.”


I hope while you read the posts at about Zach you re-read the one I Am Calling a Foul on This One Zachary Wisniewski  and you will notice some similar words, misleading, fake, claims one thing and another, says he is a Republican (in Zach’s eyes Conservative and Republican mean the same thing).  You will also be able to draw the conclusion as I have pointed out many times Zach has a self-identity issue and tells certain people what they want to hear.  From that notice he is just a fake!



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