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An Update On My Hand

Randy Hollenbeck, Life

So last Monday I was supposed to have the two pins taken out of my finger.  The doctor took the x-rays, looked at them and said, “Today is the day!  They are coming out!”


I was very happy, they hurt.  And hurt and hurt!  Get out in the cold and boom, pain as the skin and metal contracts at different rates.  Get your hand hot in the shower and boom the pain is there in tenfold as the skin and metal expand at different rates.


Well 3 hours later and 12 shots of local in my finger, hand and palm and no freezing and numbing.  Turns out, my biology doesn’t work with both types of local.  So next stop the OR and being put to sleep and that happens tomorrow.


Oh and Zach, as you can see from the x-rays it is much more and just my fingertip.  Missed the care, compassion, and comments Zachary Wisniewski said about my finger.


Well you can see and feel just how compassionate he is and if you looked at the picture I originally posted, just how Zach misses details and information.  It is as if he cannot read and this on should not have been hard as his wife Patti is in the medical field and saw the picture as well.  As I said before, she must not read his blog.



“…photos of his self-mangled finger” and  “really really want to see photos of his severed fingertip” - Zach Wisniewski on November 4, 2013


Who cares about details and accuracy when you’re Zach Wisniewski, Zach sure doesn’t!


Zachary Wisniewski is A-Okay Misquoting, Taking Out of Context, Making Things Up!



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