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Culinary yes-yes #63

When I entertain, I have a lot of goals.  I want everyone to leave our home feeling pleasantly full, feeling cared for, and hopefully asking for recipes.  I want my food & drinks to tasty of course.  I want our guests to have fun and feel like they can’t wait to come back to another Fischer fete.  And I want everything to be a notch (or two) above ordinary.

Anyone can toss some pre-purchased or homemade treats on a bunch of (possibly mismatched) plates, have a pile of utensils ready, add some paper napkins and call it a day.  Will the food taste WORSE because your chip ‘n dip set doesn’t coordinate with your sandwich platter?  Probably not.  But my theory is “go big or go home.”  If you’re going through the time & expense to entertain why not add some pizzazz to your party?

Sadly I’ve never hosted a Super Bowl party.  But if I did (or, when I do) I would find it terribly difficult to resist going overboard.  My first instinct would be to find a cool set of printables (for labeling food items and provide décor) and then invest in a set of football-shaped cookie cutters in graduated sizes.  Of course my napkins would reflect both teams colors.  Then, I’d make myself scale back just a bit.  Because if I’m honest with myself I would realize guests are there for the GAME.  They probably don’t care if I have place cards explaining what kind of dip I’m serving.  So then my focus would be on the FOOD, and the DESSERT.  I would suggest classic, all-American fare with as many homemade touches as you can add.

Just in case you can’t resist “some” styling, this is one time that simple is most likely better.  Like this:



Source:  Better Homes & Gardens


The following is a list of better-than-store-bought, appealing-to-all, classic ideas.

Who doesn’t love cool, creamy, savory dip with potato chips?  Skip the container in the dairy section and the bag in the snack aisle.  Do this instead.

I have NO ill will towards Cousins Subs.  Truth be told, I enjoy them.  They are consistently tasty, never skimpy on the filling, and the bread is always fresh.  Personally, though, I would NEVER consider serving them party-style at any of my gatherings.  Instead, I’d do an upscale version of a classic sandwich, like this.

I might’ve mentioned once that I love pizza.  Who doesn’t?  The varieties and possibilities are endless.  And such a perfect game-day food.  If you like to plan ahead (I find that to greatly reduce day-of stress) you can make and freeze your own pizzas.    If that seems a bit daunting but you’re still adamant about making your own pie, try a 30-minute version.

Buffalo wings have become a must-have at any party.  You have several options, from frozen to take-out to homemade.  If you want a simple spin on a classic (trust me, this will disappear FAST!) do a dip with all the flavors but none of the fuss.

These are just a few ideas of how to kick up your Super Bowl Soiree.  Now that you’ve had the savories, you need dessert.  Really is any gathering complete without a sweet ending?  Football parties aren’t the time for crème brulee, cream puffs, or bananas Foster.  Your desserts need to be easy-to-eat, recognizable, classic.  I say brownies are a no-brainer.  Quite frankly I can’t resist at least ONE football-shaped item on my table.  If you want the cheater’s route, do these.   (Personally I’d use a scratch recipe for the brownies and my own icing.)  And who on earth could resist a Whoopie Pie cake?

I realize that the Super Bowl is a time for beer.  I get it.  But just in case you have some wine lovers in the crowd, you might want to consider these pairings.

A Super Bowl party with above-standard fare?  You and your guests will agree, it’s definitely a Culinary Yes Yes!




Speaking of treats and important Bowl games, please don’t forget your four-legged friends!  


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