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Culinary yes-yes #65

I don’t think I need to state any of this again, but just in case this is your very first Ms. Elaine Kneeous blog that you’ve ever read…  I love Disney.  I love themes (parties, holidays, etc.)  I love fun food & cocktails.  So now that you understand all of that, the following Culinary Yes Yes will make perfect sense.

I admire creative genius in whatever form it comes in.  I don’t consider myself particularly innovative.  I’m great at finding ideas (thanks in large part to Pinterest) and making them my own.  But I highly doubt I’ll ever be the one to come up with a trend-setting idea/recipe/party theme/etc.  I’m OK with that – I’m happy to credit others for their inspiration.

Our almost-five-year-old daughter is quickly following in my footsteps.  She’s already a great hostess, loves themes & holidays, and can’t WAIT for our next party whatever & whenever that might be.  Like most little divas her age, she loves the Disney princesses including the newest from Frozen:  Elsa & Anna. 




While Disney is certainly for the young, it is clearly for the young-at-heart as well.  Kevin & I vacationed MANY times there before Kyla entered our lives.  We agree that there is so much for adults you really never need to have kids with you to have an incredible, magical time there.  But the dining experiences?  So amazing they warrant their own Culinary Yes Yes.  (It was #54.)

OK…  so let’s tie together the following:  my love of all things Mickey, the timeless appeal of Disney princesses, my appreciation for gastronomic genius, and my fondness for creative cocktails.  Ready?

What do you think a cocktail that represents a Disney princess should look like?  Taste like?  What about the Princess’ villainous counterpart?  You have no idea, do you…  Neither did I, until Cody started taking the Disney Foodie World by storm last month.  Cody is the brains behind Cocktails by Cody based in Spokane, Washington.  He’s a mixologist with inspiration coming out of his (Mouse) ears.

If by some chance you’re not sitting down as you are reading this may I suggest finding a couch, chair, or bean bag?  Don’t say I didn’t warn you that you’re about to fall over.  Snow White fans, drum roll please:



I told you, didn’t I?  As you know, a fairy tale just wouldn’t be the same without some sort of evil, cruel, wicked, nasty counterpart to all that goodness and beauty.  So for each heroine princess there’s the antithesis of perfection in cocktail form.  I am beyond amazed and impressed.

Can you imagine inviting some friends over for a pre-movie cocktail party?  Remember, in a couple months this is coming out:

Of course you’d be mixing plenty of these to serve:


“Disney Sisters” blog had the pleasure of interviewing Cody about his innovative blends.  He makes it sound so easy!

For now, you’ll have to experiment with your own ratios.  Currently Cody only offers the liquors used, not the actual recipes.  So make sure to “like” him on Facebook.  He has promised to start publishing recipes and you’ll want to find out ASAP.

I wish Cody the best of luck as he continues on his Disney-inspired “spiritual journey.”  I will follow his creations with enthusiasm and interest!

Innovative libations based on Disney characters?  It’s a fairy tale come true and a total Culinary Yes Yes!

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