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I guess Kevin shouldn't have been present for Kyla's birth

Perhaps someday I’ll find an article on The Stir that won’t make me want to throw my computer through the window.  But I won’t hold my breath… blue isn’t my color.  Honestly I don’t know why I even bother reading that site.  Possibly just to irritate myself?  At any rate, some stellar “blogger” is at it again – pushing my buttons despite the fact she clearly doesn’t know me.  This time, it’s about why husbands should be banned from delivery rooms.  (Given the liberal bend to this blog I can’t believe they allowed the word “husband” to be used instead of the word de jour “baby daddy.”)

After reading that blog, but before starting mine, I went back to an essay I wrote three days after Kyla was born.  Simply titled “Kyla’s Journey” it chronicles the hours before we went to the hospital until the moment we arrived home.  I could never forget the wonder and beauty of it all, but I didn’t want to ever miss a single detail of the most incredible time of our lives.  So I made sure to write it all down.

I have so many loving and wonderful moments of those hours.  But reading what I wrote nearly five years ago brought tears to my eyes all over again:

“I don’t know what I would have done without his support the whole time, but it was his humor that really made things bearable.  I’m probably the only woman on the face of the earth who will say her husband made labor fun.”

You would have to know Kevin to understand how he truly did make every moment bearable.  He knew when to crack a joke, when to hold my hand, when to ask if I was OK, when to not say a word.  I will never, ever, forget how he cried just seeing me in pain before my epidural.  I was so touched by his depth of love and caring.  I can’t imagine a moment of the process without him.

It’s funny how one event can have two entirely different perspectives but if there’s ever a moment for “he said, she said” it’s the birthing process.  I was never for one moment concerned about myself, my pain, or anything that could go wrong for me.  It was all about our baby.  Kevin, I know, thought about BOTH special people in his life.  He knew our baby was fine because of the fetal monitor but when he saw me with even a twinge of discomfort it was heartache for him.  But there was never a second where he was squeamish, worried about the “messiness” of things, or was even aware of anything but the three of us.

He was unbelievably proud to announce to the world (or at that time, just the room) “looks like a girl to me!”  Moments later he cut the umbilical cord and gave our baby her belly button.  While there was certainly no contest, I’m willing to bet he would have won “most tears shed during a single event,” surpassing even New Mommy in that category.




I really don’t understand why anyone would want to “ban” their husband from the most incredible, precious, beautiful moment of their life.  Then again, I’ve yet to understand anything on The Stir, including this.

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