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Happy SAINT Valentine's Day everyone

So what happened to SAINT Valentine’s Day?

Somehow it has become merely “Valentine’s Day.”  While I don’t feel this is nearly the affront Christmas suffers by having been watered down to a “winter holiday” it does smack of the same efforts.  I realize that the history of February 14 is a bit cloudier than Christmas.  There are multiple versions of how it came to be but one thing is clear:  there WAS a St. Valentine. 


There isn’t the uproar in February that there is in December.  Clearly Christmas is “more important” for lack of a better term, than (St.) Valentine’s Day.  We don’t have St. Valentine’s Trees to turn in to Love Trees, and we gladly let our children exchange those tacky, mass-produced, cheap & corny paper valentines because they don’t have images of Baby Jesus in a manger on them.  Valentine’s classroom parties are just that:  parties where kids give each other aforementioned cards, eat cookies, and wear red or pink clothing.  (Funny, I don’t recall seeing a million parenting articles warning of all the dangers of Valentine’s Day candy & cookies.  Yet in public school after public school, we were bad parents unless we sent organic vegetable platters to the holiday parties in December in lieu of the traditional sweets.)

While Kyla’s class will be having the traditional, above-mentioned party with treats & cards, they are taught in school to call it by the proper St. Valentine’s Day.  Her library teacher & I had a lengthy discussion on the importance of this and how even at their young age, kids can learn how “cool” saints really were.

I’m a mushy-type who has been blessed with a wonderful husband.  We have a fabulous little girl who loves to love and be loved.  I’m also lucky enough to have an incredible best friend who’s been with me since grade school.  I appreciate St. Valentine’s Day for the romantic and platonic relationships in my life.  I’m not bashing it, or trying to diminish its importance.  And what’s wrong with tossing a little extra business Hallmark’s way?  Or the floral shops?

My point is, we are just too afraid to call Cupid’s Day by its traditional or historic name that includes “Saint.”  What’s going to happen if we do?  Really?

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