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I think I deserve a raise!

Usually, the “what is Mom worth” question & calculations come out around Mother’s Day.  Seems to make sense:  if we’re spending the day appreciating her and thanking her for all she does then it’s interesting to see what we’d have to pay her.

The workforce job titles that Mom does every week aren’t that surprising:  taxi driver, housekeeper, cook, nurse, psychologist.  We do those and so many more. recently calculated what an average mom would earn, and they let you personalize YOUR earnings for what you do for your family with a calculator link.

I tried it out and found that based on how I spend a typical 40 hour week, I’d earn $36,141.00.  This figure was calculated using average salaries for our zip code.  The national average for a 40 hour week is $37,549 so I’m just about there.  But factoring in the OVERTIME we moms put in changes the results dramatically.

We also put in about 54 hours of “overtime” each week, bringing our typical week to 94 hours.  (Some weeks, I feel like that amount is grossly UNDERESTIMATED.)  So with overtime pay figured in then we’re looking at an annual national salary of around $114,000.  Again using that calculator supplied by, my annual salary would actually come in at considerably more:  close to $130,000.  While I may not spend as much time on some jobs as the national average, I also included a few categories where time isn’t typically spent:  Admin Assistant and Event Planner.  Clearly every family is different.

My circle of Mommy Friends runs the gamut from SAHM, part-time worker, full-time worker, and work-from-home.  We choose what is right for our families.  But the one thing I can tell you is this:  We all gladly and willingly do what we do for “free.”  The only payment we want is happy, healthy, nourished-in-many-ways, loving children.

You can read more here, and use the link in the article to calculate what YOUR salary could be.  Feel free to leave a comment with what you would make!


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