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The latest pro-life news (02/24/14)

Pro-Life news

From Pro-Life Wisconsin and WI Right To Life:

February 21, 2014

Pushing Child Euthanasia in the LA Times

Good grief, assisted suicide isn’t even legal in California, and yet a regular Los Angeles Times contributor wants child euthanasia of the kind recently enacted in Belgium legalized in the Golden State. From the column, by Scott Martelle:

“Yes, there are sound reasons why we do not entrust the young with significant life decisions, and why we carve out exceptions for criminal behavior in recognition of their inability to often not understand the full weight and repercussions of their actions. But for a child facing death in the short term, and in agony, we as a society should enable the child’s right to die with the least amount of suffering — under the protocol (or a variation) suggested above.

“Even if the concept chills us to the bones.”

It should chill us to the bones.

Besides, the idea that doctor-prescribed death is about terminal illness is laughable — including for children. Indeed, in the Netherlands, seriously disabled babies are killed by doctors in their cribs under the Groningen Protocol.

And check out how wide the killing agenda has spread in Belgium, including euthanasia for a botched sex-change surgery, joint euthanasia of elderly couples, and euthanasia of MS patients coupled with organ harvesting. If child euthanasia is legalized, the same metastases will happen for the young, as well.

Culture of death, Wesley? What culture of death?

Wesley J. Smith


KF NOTE: There's a major flaw in the argument raised in the video above. Heather Weininger, the new Legislative Director for WRTL needs to learn more about the legislative process in Wisconsin. She's urging people to contact Governor Walker's office. That is is simply the wrong advice.

She talks about very worthy legislation that has passed in the state Assembly. The bills are now in the state Senate. The directive should be, not to contact the Governor's office.  He can only act on legislation that has passed both houses of the Legislature.  Weininger should be advising pro-life advocates to contact their STATE SENATORS to take action on and move the bills to the Governor's desk where the odds are pretty good he'll sign into law. You can call the Governor's office all you want. It won't do any good unless the state Senate takes action.

Also, the current legislative session ends very soon. Supporters of the legislation Weininger discusses don't have months to get the job done. They have days. The calls to STATE SENATORS must take place NOW.

Fellow pro-life supporters, as someone who worked in the state Legislature for 15 years, I kindly ask thast you ignore what you heard in that video. CALL YOUR STATE SENATOR TODAY AS WELL AS SENATE MAJORITY LEADER SCOTT FITZGERALD who ultimately schedules the Senate calendar for action on bills before the state Senate.

Please take note, Heather, as you move forward to help the pro-life movement.


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