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A proud moment for the Fischer family

It’s not every day that parents can watch their not-quite-five-year-old daughter on “the big screen.”  Obviously there are child stars in Hollywood and clearly everyone knows or remembers Shirley Temple.  But for an average mom & dad, there aren’t many opportunities to hit a Marcus cinema to view a documentary that their child was a part of.  Last night will go down in our personal history as one of the most spectacular, proudest moments, ever.  EVER.

We were honored to attend a VIP screening of “St. Anthony School:  One Team, One Family.”  This documentary about our beloved church and school highlights the history & success of a Catholic school that is 140 years old and still going strong.  Broadcast last week on EWTN the program summary states, “Despite being located in the economically challenged south side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, St. Anthony School is proving that providing a solid faith-based and life-changing education is still possible! A visionary administration, dedicated teachers and staff, and unwavering support from parents and the community are helping to establish the largest K3-12 Catholic School in America.”

Produced by Bob Dolan, the documentary shows the very youngest students through high school graduates enjoying their academic careers at St. Anthony’s many campuses.  Sadly, many Catholic schools are closing or merging with other schools in the area.  We are proud to say that as of today our school serves nearly 2,000 students with incredible graduation and post-secondary education rates.

When I say “the very youngest students” that’s where Kyla comes in.  When we first heard from St. Anthony’s president Zeus Rodriguez that Kyla “made the cut” I assumed that we’d be lucky to see her face for a flash somewhere.  You know how those things work… hours of footage might be shot and your “fifteen minutes of fame” is closer to fifteen seconds.  Well not this time.  There were several lengthy images of her including a lovely moment of the Executive Director Ms. Jess reading to her.  When we watched it on EWTN we cried.  When we saw it at the theater we cried again.  I can tell you that when we receive the copy of the DVD we ordered we’ll cry a third time.  Yep, we’re that proud.

Our little girl had a fabulous evening.  How could she not?  There was a pizza buffet, boxes of popcorn and a very rare treat for her, soda.  She got to give hugs to all her friends… K-3 director Ms. Jess, Parent Coordinator Mr. Torres, Assistant Principal Ms. Hart, and Assistant Principal Ms. Kristina (who gave Kyla her very first tour of the school before she enrolled.)  Recap:  Pizza, friends, seeing herself on the big screen and staying up past her bedtime.  It was almost like a trip to Disney!

While Kyla certainly realizes that it was a very special evening and was an honor to be chosen as part of the documentary, she certainly doesn’t understand the full impact and meaning.  And that’s OK because Mommy & Daddy sure do and we’ll be telling her for many years to come!

Thank you again to our St. Anthony’s family for an incredible moment in our lives.  We will always treasure and remember it.


Kyla and Mr. Dolan became fast friends!

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