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Email About My LSD Has So Many Good Things Too Post

Email, Drugs

Mr. Hollenbeck,



I read your tongue-in-cheek post "LSD Has So Many Good Things Too!  It was cute.  But the headline is actually a fact, whether you realize it or not. For that reason, I respectfully urge you to do a little more research on the drug before you dismiss it out of hand in the future.


LSD would not be illegal today were it not for the marketing talents of Timothy Leary who irresponsibly (and in some respects horrendously) promoted it as a counterculture drug in the 1960s.  For years before he urged everyone to drop "turn on, tune in and drop out" the drug was the subject of much legitimate scientific research (as you noted).  What you failed to note was some of the areas of that research.  They are fascinating.


In Canada, psychiatrists discovered that a single 1,000 microgram does (that's huge -- a typical recreational dose is 100 mics) effected a substantial "cure" rate among long-term alcoholics who had been helped by nothing before.  They lost not their minds, but their urge to drink, and they stayed that way for months afterwards.  The psychiatrists were amazed; they'd never seen anything like it before.  You can read more about that at


More recently, the drug (and some other tryptamines, such as psilocibin mushrooms) have gained a loyal following among sufferers of cluster headaches.  I hope you never suffer from that debilitating condition -- I had a friend who did; in 2011 he took his own life because he couldn't deal with them anymore.  He hadn't heard about trying acid or shrooms, both of which stop the headaches from starting at all, when taken a few times per year.  More here and here and here. Or watch this clip.  It's about a man in Texas who grows his own shrooms and eats them purely to avoid his headaches.  I've seen that entire show: he's a churchgoing Christian conservative family man - but nobody's going to get between him and his mushrooms.  They're keeping him alive.


The point is, Leary and a handful of others caused LSD to be abused on grand scale, and the government (as if frequently does) overreacted by banning it period, which totally shut down lots of very promising research.  Imagine how many alcoholics might have been cured, or how many cluster headache sufferers might not have killed themselves, had that research been continued rather than stopped.



Can "trips" on LSD or shrooms be fun?  You bet -- .  Can they be frightening?  Absolutely.  But surely you can agree the same is true about alcohol, which has ruined many many millions more lives, and isn't beneficial in any real medical sense.  LSD and mushrooms very well may be.




Please read some more about them.  You might be surprised.




(Name withheld)



Roanoke, Va.

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