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Big Brother: Milwaukee To Give Away 2,000 Surveillance Cameras for Citywide NSA Spy Grid

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Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

The city of Milwaukee will be giving away 2,000 security cameras to south side businesses. A grant has been provided to the city and they are eager to get started.  Is this a violation of our constitutional 4th amendment right?  These cameras will come with facial recognition and subsequently will track your behaviors. They will also be able to collect meta data on your habits, cell phone conversations, what you buy and who you associate with. This information will be collaborated with your cell phone id and facial recognition software provided by these cameras to monitor your voyage around town and record your trends.

This information will be trolled by the Milwaukee Fusion spy center, used to track your internet, cell phone activity and behaviors. Stored and saved for future reference indefinitely.  The original intent of fusion centers was to prevent terrorist attacks from foreign interests.  Now it’s used to spy on American citizens  The fusion center works in conjunction with the NSA, CIA, FBI and local police to profile everyone. The most frightening thing about fusion centers is the lack of over site and the inability to hold a fusion center accountable both personally and legally.

These surveillance grids are often abused such as using these systems to snoop on lovers and blackmailing individuals.

Alderman Bob Donovan and Common Council President Michael Murphy seem involved in the new program.


Edmund Burke said “all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”

You may send your dissatisfaction with the big brother surveillance program here:

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