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Cudahy 2014 Borrowing Projects Summary Listing

Cudahy, Mayor, John Hohenfeldt, Taxes, Roads

By Cudahy Mayor John Hohenfeldt


 After working on updating the City of Cudahy’s 5 year Financial Plan, the Mayor and Administration of the City of Cudahy has worked with the Finance Committee to move forward a package of Municipal Bonds and Notes for improvements which include repairing or replacing in part some of our aging infrastructure in our city.  This process has taken approximately ten months of hard work and effort to get us to this point.


 On the evening of March 4, 2014, Mr. Greg Johnson a representative of the city’s Financial Consultant, Ehlers and Associates, provided the Common Council with a presentation on the presale reports for the impending municipal borrow.


 The moving forward with this investment in our community is a combination of utilizing cash on hand to minimize the impact of borrowing, managing our current debt, and managing the new debt to have a minimal impact on our cities debt service.


 The list below is a summary of projects needed in our community.  The Common Council passed the Initial Borrowing Resolutions 6837, 6838, 6839, and 6840 at a meeting of the Common Council held March 4, 2014.  The next steps in the process include a ratings conference with Moody’s and S&P, and then Final Resolutions and sales which will occur in early April 2014.


Honorable Members of the Common Council


 Tonight (March 4, 2014) for your consideration are several bond resolutions to provide for road improvements, sewer improvements, infrastructure improvements, building improvements, and equipment for the city.  I have provided a summary of various projects contained within this impending borrow for our citizens to be aware of our impending borrow and investment within the community.


Road Improvements:


1.      Packard Avenue reconstruction, from Cudahy Avenue to Holmes Avenue, projected slated for 2014 and 2015.


2.      Cudahy Avenue reconstruction from Swift Avenue to Lake Drive, design in 2014 with construction slated for 2015 (replaces asphalt overlay 1983, original pavement 1927, sewer relay scheduled for spring 2015.


3.      Barland Avenue concrete repairs, from Ramsey to Grange, work to be completed in 2014 (original road replaced in 1985 joint problems with water underneath never addressed in 1985).


4.      Kirkwood Avenue reconstruction, from Grange to Morris Avenues, design in 2014 with construction slated for 2015 (roadway constructed in 1961 sub soil conditions extremely poor and drainage issues).


5.      Defective Sidewalk Replacement, Area 4 of city, removal and replacement of hazardous sidewalk block, 2014 construction (city portion).


6.      Engineering Future Projects, city engineering staff cost and outside consultants costs to prepare plans prior to construction.


7.      Packard Avenue Reconstruction (design 2015, construction 2016), from Cudahy to Lunham Avenues, (asphalt overlay 32 years ago over concrete from 1902, sanitary sewer from 1910 needs to be relayed).


8.      Miscellaneous Asphalt Overlays, various locations in the city.


Building Improvements:


1.      City Hall Roof Replacement, roof of facility is 22 years old and in need of replacement, water damage constant problem in certain parts of the building.


2.      City Hall Fire Suppression System, installed 15 years ago and software for system is out of date.


3.      DPW Garage Improvements, other upgrades to facility.


4.      Information Technology Improvements, network cabling replacing old networks.


5.      Police Department Improvements, renovations to work stations, carpeting, evidence rooms, public usage areas).




1.      Utility Bucket Truck, smaller more efficient truck for electricians.


2.      Five Yard Dump Truck, replaces 15 year old truck.


3.      Road Saw replaces old hand type machine which is obsolete.


4.      Anti-Icing Brine Making Machine, creates liquid salt, 5 year pay back on efficiency.


5.      Backhoe equipment, replaces 23 year old piece of equipment.


6.      Roll Off for Existing Dump Truck, utilized to spread brine liquid.


7.      City Information Technology needs, routers, switched, mail archive, computers.


Sanitary Sewer Capital Improvements:


1.      Lake Drive, Allerton to Cudahy Avenues, replacement of 30 to 36” main.


2.      Cudahy Avenue, Hately Avenue to Lake Drive, replacement of 30” lateral.


3.      Cudahy Avenue, Swift to Hately Avenues, replacement of 10” relay.


4.      Hately Avenue, Layton to Cudahy Avenues, replacement of sewer 30”.


5.      Sewer Utility Truck.


6.      Packard Avenue relay, Cudahy Avenue to Lunham Avenue.


7.      Engineering in 2015 for 2016 sewer projects on Cudahy and Allerton Avenues slated for replacement of 8 and 10 to 12” sewers in 2016.


 Storm Water Improvements:


1.      Demolition of home on College Avenue and Eaton Court, construction of detention basin and overflow pipe, to relieve flooding issues.


2.      Van Norman Avenue relay storm sewer, located by FMP.


3.      Grange Avenue relief sewer, engineering and permitting.


4.      Grange Avenue Dissipater, remove velocity dissipater in manhole.


5.      Misc. storm sewer projects are various sites in the community.


6.      Ace World Wide storm sewer improvements, final engineering and temporary relays to relieve Ace Industrial Park area on College Avenue.



 Respectfully provided,




 John R. Hohenfeldt


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