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You're a Life Saver, Doc!

Well, sure, I could be referring to Kevin’s orthopaedic surgeon Dr. John Konkel.  But I’m not.  I’m actually talking about another “Doc.”  In case you don’t have a Disney Junior-watcher in your family, the show’s description states:

Doc is a young girl who is the "Doctor Doolittle" for toys. Doc's backyard playhouse becomes her clinic where she uses her special ability to communicate with toy friends to help them when they have physical or emotional bangs and bruises.



Kyla has been hooked on the show forever.  Two years ago (of course BEFORE Doc costumes were mainstream and totally easy to find!) she insisted on being Doc for Halloween:



We love watching the cartoon together.  She has learned so much about medical topics and healthy habits.  But never in a million years did I think that one day it would help her explain just what Daddy was going through with his hip surgery.

She’s known, of course, for a long time that Daddy had a “boo boo hip.”  It was why sometimes we had to sit and rest in Disney World, or why he couldn’t chase her in the back yard quite as fast as he wanted to.  So while she’s understood all of that we knew it would be very tough for her to see Daddy have an operation.

Kevin doesn’t travel for work; he’s never EVER been away from home overnight.  Fortunately one episode of Doc McStuffins really helped us out.  Each episode has two segments.  This one featured Ben & Anna, and Hermie.  First, there is Ben & Anna, a brother-and-sister “huggy monkey” pair.  Ben’s “huggy patch” (his Velcro tab that could attach his arms to his sister’s) fell off.  In order for the glue to adhere properly, Doc had him stay overnight in her clinic so that he could rest and heal properly.  So that is exactly how I explained why Daddy would be in the hospital for a couple days:



Next, Hermie is Doc’s toy crab.  (Get it?  Hermie?)  His claw falls off thanks to a rambunctious puppy playing with him.  Doc reattaches his claw but he isn’t as strong as he used to be.  After a consultation with her mom (a pediatrician) Doc learns that for Hermie to get his strength back he will need physical therapy.  Again, a fabulous way to describe to Kyla why Daddy needs to do some special exercises for his hip.

It was still difficult for Kyla to see Daddy in the hospital.  Our first night’s visit was rough:  her little brown eyes filled with tears when she saw him in the bed with an IV in his arm.  She tried to be cheerful but hardly spoke and distracted herself with other things when possible.  When we got home that evening, just like Anna in the cartoon clip above, she slept in Mommy & Daddy’s bed with me.  The next night things were a bit easier and she was much more comfortable in the hospital room and even enjoyed chatting with the nurses.

I can’t imagine what I would have done without the help of Doc and her friends.  Kyla is bright and certainly could have understood the concepts of what I’d explain to her.  But her tender, just-shy-of-five-years-old heart needed more help than her brain.  Thanks to Disney Junior, the transition was MUCH easier for all of us.

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