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More of My Packard Plaza Mall Petition Email Response

Cudahy, Cudahy District 3, Email, Packard Plaza

From: Patti Wisniewski

Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2014 5:30 PM

To: Randy Hollenbeck

Subject: RE: Packard Plaza Petition


Thanks Randy. I appreciate your response and it makes sense about not being able to use your city email to promote. Thanks for putting it on the blog though. Could you double check that I'm on your email list?. I know we had issues but I would like to put them aside because we have a common goal. I can't attend a lot of things because of my schedule but I will make what I can, if I know about it in advance. Thanks.




From: Randy Hollenbeck

Sent: Friday, March 14, 2014 6:35 AM

To: Patti Wisniewski

Cc: John Hohenfeldt

Subject: RE: Packard Plaza Petition



Patti you are Welcome!


I verified 100% that both yours and Zach’s email addresses were in the sent group.  If you are in doubt you can do a records request to see it.  I never received a bounce back nor did I receive a 550 Relay error. 


I will ask the city personnel who helps do the IT work if he can look at the Microsoft Exchange 2010 Delivery Report for the date\time in question and do a track and trace to see if there were any issues delivering the email.


I am glad this issue is a concern for you as I have been publicly vocal about since 2008 and pushed real hard to get the representative here to publicly speak.  I asked the other 2 Cudahy Administrations to do the same thing and it fell on deaf ears.  I fear though it might be too late for the public to chime in as the mall owners can turn this around and say we gave the public their time to ask and chime in and silence covered the sky.


I by no means am saying you or a collectively we should stop, however this is an uphill battle where they can point and say, “If it was a real concern they would have packed City Hall and they didn’t!”  All efforts within common sense, within reason and the law should be made to try and improve the situation.


 Thank you,




Randy Hollenbeck


District 3 Alderman


City of Cudahy

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