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What Did I Want To Prove?

Cudahy, Facebook

I am sure by now you have read my post titled “An Experiment Gone Wrong Or Did It?” if not to make complete sense of this post you should.


In that post I talk about the Facebook page “Cudahy Town Hall” which is kind of a misleading name in more ways than one.


Start with the name and no disclaimer: “Cudahy Town Hall”


The name of the Facebook page really upsets me and it should you.  It sounds like it is a city sanctioned site; a place where people can put out their thoughts, comments, ideas, suggestions and questions about/for the city.  But, it’s not a city run &/or approved page.  Instead, it’s a name that was put out there for people to think that it might be a forum for the city, but it’s all rouge.  It’s a place for people to complain, spread rumors and the like.  That’s all fine and dandy, however, it shouldn’t be name Cudahy Town Hall.  That name insinuates that the City is or perhaps will respond and take in the comments/ideas and need to clarify these rumors.  And when the City doesn’t, the readers and commenters are lead to believe that the City doesn’t care.  All of this “moderated” by someone who says he actually likes living in Cudahy and wants to better the community.  If that were that case, he’d change the name to something more appropriate and less misleading.


I have read from the creator of this page “Cudahy Town Hall”, that it “was set up for the benefit of Cudahy's residents.”


I have read and have been told that there is no true “moderator” on the Facebook page called “Cudahy Town Hall” in all essence that amounts to it being the Wild Wild West.  How does that benefit the residents of Cudahy?


May I ask how does the spreading of misinformation, lies, rumors, and bulling benefit Cudahy's residents?


When I air out rumors on my blog, I state they are rumors.  When I am told the information I have is incorrect, I correct the information.  I see nothing of the sorts on the Facebook page called “Cudahy Town Hall”.


I have been told and read that no one is confused by Bay View Town Hall or Eastside Town Hall, can anyone point me to where I can find Bay View’s or Eastside’s City Hall, Town Hall, or Village Hall?  So that comparison is apples to oranges. 


The page is open to the public without having to join and that has its pluses and minuses.  In keeping with it is open to everyone that is a plus, however since non-members can see the misinformation and out and out lies and isn’t so good now is it?


When shopping malls use the word town in it, they typically use the spelling of TOWNE to draw attention and distinction or if they use the spelling of TOWN they typically use the word “Center” after so there is no confusion or as little as possible.


I would also like to point out that a member of our Common Council was threatened by a member of “Cudahy Town Hall” for a comment they made on the Facebook page called “Cudahy Town Hall”.  This threat was made in a private Facebook message and was credible enough that the Cudahy Police Chief was contacted.  None the less this was because of a statement made on “Cudahy Town Hall”.


Is it too much to ask the creator and administrators to be responsible enough to stop the spread of misinformation, lies, rumors, and bulling now that it has been exposed?


I have not heard anyone ask that the Facebook page called “Cudahy Town Hall” be taken down, a disclaimer added and or name change yes, but I have not heard someone say for it to be taken down.  I do feel there is a place for people to share information and vent as that can be productive as long as it is truthful, correct and bully free.  What isn’t are the spreading of misinformation, lies, rumors, and bulling.  Again how does that benefit the Cudahy's residents?


People know that Cudahy Now and my blog “The Way I See It” are not sanctioned by the City of Cudahy as by the name it is clear.  Just as that my actions in this experiment to expose the truth on “Cudahy Town Hall” and no taxpayer dollars or equipment where used or asked for by the City of Cudahy, any City Personnel elected or not.


To expose the rouge of “Cudahy Town Hall” an unconventional method of rouge itself to expose the rouge of “Cudahy Town Hall” was needed.


I am about exposing the truth and if you have been a reader of this blog you know it to be true.  The only way the truth was going to come out on the Facebook page “Cudahy Town Hall” was with this experiment forcing them to expose it to the members.  As I have said before I am sorry for having to use this experiment to expose the Facebook page “Cudahy Town Hall” for what it is.


I apologize and want to say I am sorry.  I did learn a lesson from all of this.


With this experiment as noted in my January 16th post titled “Never Going to Make Them Happy - The Haters, the Distractors, and the Detractors” and reposted here I point out that:


These people when asked what they want me to do either don’t answer or tell me you better vote like you said you would.  They would rather just complain on FB or other media rather than be part of the solution.  I am guessing because I am involved and playing politics is much more important.  Just remember - The able does it, the unable criticize it.


I love, hope and pray when you do come and attack.  You might say in at times encourage you to do so and while doing that exposing yourself, causing self-inflected things.  I know you cannot help yourself and the real sad thing is you don’t even notice what you are doing or falling prey to (part of me wanted to say pray instead of prey since I just love the grammar, spelling and word police, it just makes my day when they come out in their packs or was it pact)


Maybe we will see the bully, the narcissist, the know-it-all, even the psychopath.  Maybe, just maybe, they will grace us with their presence.  (No it isn’t a maybe, they will)


The best defense is a good offense.


Many times you have to draw these people out and expose them, not by a trap, they can smell a trap a mile away.  No you do by pretending inferiority and encourage your enemy's arrogance, they will display it and come, and they cannot help themselves.  They feel they are so much superior that they have to let others know this.  They will not disappoint in letting us know they are the know-it-alls and you are wrong.


So I set out to prove just that and I did.  I have told people in the past I am at times unconventional, get results and believe in keeping misinformation at bay and have no likes for bullies.  To be able to do prove it in their sandbox, I needed a character that wasn’t me as I pointed out in the same post from above this:


These people were and are opposed to me and if I say the sky is blue they scream out, no it is red, and if I say red, no it is blue.


So is it me or is it the message they are disagreeing with even though they claim they want their Facebook forum to be an open exchange of ideas and all people are welcome?


Well from my post “An Experiment Gone Wrong Or Did It?” you see that their claim was not true and bullies and know-it-alls were and are running amuck spreading misinformation abound.  Even when the creator of the group knows what one of the star people on the Facebook site is clearly wrong the creator of the group doesn’t correct him but allows him to keep spreading the misinformation and bulling people.  It wasn’t until my character pushed that bulling subject did one of the admins say something.  Again, it is like the Wild Wild West during this time!


There is even a threat that raised eye brows so much that in our next Common Council meeting we may have police presence.  What did the admins of the site do you might ask, just make comments of let’s settle down or we might have to kick you off.  Really???


Now I had planned to expose this group on Thursday March 20th with a blog post and screenshots once my experiment exposing them came to a conclusion Saturday March 15th, however my cover was blown with the character I created to expose this Facebook for what it really is:


 A place where negative people are bent on allowing and must be wanting misinformation to spread, allow bulling and have like mind people trash the city by complaining that no one listens, asks them and they are in the dark when that isn’t true.


You have to wonder why such a Facebook page was created and the only reason I can see is a jumping point for the 2016 Cudahy Election given the detractors and distractors posting on it think that Cudahy is going in the wrong direction, don’t like the 2013 Election Results and as Saul Alinsky said in his Rules for Radicals:


Rule 4: Make opponents live up to their own book of rules.  “You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.”


Rule 6: A good tactic is one your people enjoy.  “If your people aren’t having a ball doing it, there is something very wrong with the tactic.”


Rule 10: The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.  Avoid being trapped by an opponent or an interviewer who says, “Okay, what would you do?”  Deflect as much as possible and use the tactic of redirection and above all do not answer or give a non-answer answer!  Just ignore it and claim you did answer it and you are not going to again or give an answer that is wordy so it takes your opponent off guard, confuses them, frustrates them or makes them forget the question, but DO NOT answer them directly no matter how many times they ask!


Rule 11: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.  Don’t try to attack abstract corporations or bureaucracies.  Identify a responsible individual.  Ignore attempts to shift or spread the blame.  Redirect back and keep the focus on your point.


New rules added by the left since 2008


**** Rule 15: Controlled Anarchy through hypocrisy.  Being a hypocrite is liberating since you don’t have to take responsibility and you can do as you wish and demand the others follow the rules.  This goes along with rule #4


**** Rule 17: If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.  Presentation, not achievement, is all that matters today.  People are gullible.  They will believe anything as long as you are convincing and if it sounds good, then maybe it is.  Give them just enough, but not too much to trip the too good to be true meter.


**** Rule 20: People want to be led, but feel like they are the ones leading.  Most people know they are not leaders, but followers, however they want to feel good about themselves so you need to make them feel like they are leading and you will get their support.


**** Rule 26: Perception is always reality.  Perception can always be manipulated or shaped to your vision.  People want the fairytale story or how they wish it was.  The truth and reality are harsh and cold and cannot be manipulated. 


**** Rule 27: Remember it is harder to prove something than to disprove it.  Try to get your opponent to do all the work as they try to keep proving you wrong.  This is the time to throw as much on the wall as you can, because some will stick.


**** Rule 28: Compare and Contrast bright and vivid with doom and gloom.  Paint the picture you want with bright flashy colors and the one you don’t want with dull dark colors


**** Rule 32: If you can’t win arguments be determined to silence the other side.  In the end, we only want likeminded people and we want others to submit to our will and if they don’t demolish them to the point they become silent and cower in the corner.  Make them become a turtle.


**** Rule 33: Claim you are offended in order to demand that the conservative be muzzled and discredited.  Modus operandi is especially effective when the supposedly offensive remark has anything to do with race.  Invoke ‘civility,’ when it is in our interest (to get conservatives to shut up), but otherwise feel free to use the vilest language possible.  Criticize others, for fear of accusations of racism, sexism and every other ism is a powerful tool. 


**** Rule 43:  Knowledge is power and by depriving swathes of people of knowledge, we retain power over them.  Keep them in the dark and feed them only what you want them to know lies or truth.



Update – So the Cudahy Town Hall Facebook Site now has a disclaimer posted and is featuring some positive city posts and I am told the decorum is to the effect that we just need to come together and act like adults on this Facebook page.  The site also now requires you to be a member to see the content of the site.  Why the changes?

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